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E: Easter

Today I realized that not all Easter basket fillers are created the same. As I was listing off my list of things the Easter Bunny would be leaving for my children I was informed that toys don’t belong in the easter basket. Which was quite the shock to me, as I always got a nice mix of toys and candy from the Easter Bunny. But apparently he doesn’t leave the same kind of baskets for all kids. Some kids get only candy, and some get just toys, and the lucky ones get both! (Sorry moms don’t freak, I give my kids candy) I was also informed that our poor neighbor friends have never even had a egg hunt. Sad.

Then that reminded me of the Tooth Fairy who leaves the little boys next door 20 bucks per tooth while he only leaves my kids 2 bucks per tooth. This of course makes the kids wonder little bit. One person on twitter even mention to me that maybe the Tooth Fairy has some sort of zones where he pays more in one area than in the other. Possible. Why can’t we just reach some sort of un written agreement that all of them (Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny) leaves comparable gifts from one house to the next?

2 thoughts on “E: Easter

  1. Shhh, don’t let my kids know what others are getting from the Tooth Fairy. They only get 1 glitter sprinkled dollar here! We will probably be losing another tooth this weekend and I don’t want her lobbying for a rate hike lol.

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