Apr 02

B: Babies

I saw the creepiest thing on the Today Show this morning. Reborn babies. Ive seen them briefly before and knew that they were basically baby dolls made to look exactly like real babies. Like really real. The segment showed a middle aged woman getting out of her van, then pulling out a car seat. Yes you guessed it she’s carrying the doll around like a real baby. She even took in inside the gym and had people checking out the doll as if it were a real baby, and people actually thought it was a real baby. I understand collecting things completely, but I just cannot understand why people would go as far as buying actual items (like a carseat) for a doll when there are so many children that need loving families. Why not become a foster parent? I just don’t understand carrying a doll around like a real baby.Though these dolls when apparently done right can  look like real baby, but thats apparently a very fine line. Because some of the ones I saw (upon searching the subject) looked like dead babies, since the skin tones were blueish. Not cute.



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  1. Laura

    I find that whole idea just a wee bit creepy. I am actually dumbstruck that people would do that, but I don’t suppose I should be. Thanks, though, for promoting foster parenting! What a blessing it is for kids.

    1. Stephanie R.

      Right! It just seems logical to help out kids in need. Instead of carrying dolls.

  2. East 9th Street

    I think dolls in general are creepy so this is beyond fathomable for me. Seriously, I think there might be some mental health issues with someone who would go so far as to buy it a car seat and carry it around as though its a real baby.

    1. Stephanie R.

      EXACTLY! Thats what I said, and the husband of one of the women was all like “I don’t understand women”. No dude you don’t understand your wife, this isn’t normal!

  3. Tami Grandi

    Oh goodness- that’s just kind of scary! I have never heard of this- I’m around babies enough (I am a teacher and have three students that have new babies in their house) that I would not ever think of pretending to have one.

    1. Stephanie R.

      According to the article a lot of women who cannot have children use this “alternative”. Which is why I think becoming a foster parent sounds much better!!

  4. agrandelife

    Those are the creepiest things! Who buys them?!

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