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Easter Egg Ideas you want

This year we have a very large back yard, so that means our easter egg hunt is going to be AWESOME. That also means I need to find some really cool Easter egg ideas. Because lets face it, plain plastic eggs are boring. This is post is just what you need to find fun egg ideas!

Ive seen these kool-aid eggs before, but this tutorial is the best. It even tells you what flavors won’t work very well. What I like most about this way of coloring the eggs is that the color combinations are really endless!
 These melted crayon eggs are really fun looking. Im betting this would really be something the kids would enjoy doing. These natural colored eggs are stunning, the colors are really rich. Though I think they might be difficult to find whenever hidden, then again that might make it more fun!
Angry bird Easter eggs. My kids would freak. I might actually have to make a few just to see how they like them! The chalkboard paint easter eggs are my favorite thus far though. Im not sure why, but Ive had a thing for chalkboards lately and seriously- you could even further decorate these!! I also love the edible grass she used, because everyone loves the grass look but its so useless other than holding the eggs, and it makes a huge mess. This is a great alternative! These silhouette eggs are really fun, and look fairly simple to recreate.I think the kids would enjoy making these Crayon resist Easter eggs. I adore how these doodle eggs look, but wow they look like they would be super time consuming. Then again it might be a good way to keep the kids busy over spring break!! Dyeing with duct tape. I love the end result of this one!  This last one I made a few years back… anyone want to guess where my husband worked at the time? For me I liked dyeing the egg and then going back over it with Sharpie.

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