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50 Must have Popsicle Recipes

I know its not summer yet, heck its hardly spring. But the weather is already so warm that Im needing to find ways to keep the kids hydrated. Popsicles are always a huge hit around these parts, so I compiled a massive list of popsicle recipes that I plan on trying.

50 must have popsicle recipes

1. Cereal and Milk
2. Strawberry Lemon
3. Macchiato
4. Strawberry Peach Vodka*
5. Honeydew
6. Samoa
7. Coconut Cream
8. Rainbow (limeade flavored)
9. Cookies and Cream
10. Strawberries and Cream
11. Hot Cocoa
12. Strawberry Shortcake
13. Pina Colada
14. Pumpkin Pie
15. Honeydew Raspberry 
16. Strawberry
17. Strawberry Yogurt
18. Mudslide*
19. Honey Yogurt Berry
20. Banana Nutella
21. Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake
22. Burbon Butterscotch Latte*
25. Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pudding
26. Firecracker Ice
27. Tequila Watermelon*
28. Blackberry Bramble*
29. Blood Orange Creamsicle
30. Coconut and Mango Rice Pudding
31. Peaches and Cream
32. Cantaloupe and Cherry
33. Key Lime
34. Strawberry Honey
35. Root beer Float
36. Orange Mango
37. Mixed Berry
38. Cherry Yogurt
39. Cinnamon Rice
40. Mojito
41. Tutti Fruitti Chocolate Coconut
42. Watermelon
43. Raspberry Parfait
44. Blackberry Honey Yogurt
45. Orange Lemon Strawberry
46. Strawberry Peach Coconut
47. Cherries and Cream
48. Cranberry Orange
49. Sweet Avocado
50. Kiwi

Now just to get my hands on a awesome popsicle maker and get to making some delicious popsicles!

*For adults only!

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