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After last weeks terrible outbreak of tornados I wanted to sit down with the kids (I was only able to sit down with my middle son Ethan who is 10) I wanted to talk more about charity and giving to others with him, since I caught him putting a one dollar bill in the donation bucket for the tornado victims at the grocery store. He knows the importance of giving to people in need, and while their need could range from the basic needs to much more complexed things. Once we sat down to look at he was able to get a better understanding of just what I meant. The projects that were listed ranged from passing out smile cards in major cities just to brighten someone else’s day to proving infants with much needed food. He was a big fan of the Members Unitewebsite, because it allowed him to make a difference on a bigger scale. He was just so surprised that there were so many different kinds of needs (and charities out there). Once we began reading the projects I new right away that he was going to be drawn to the Pay it Forward and Spread smiles, because in the past we used to have people send him Birthday cards and he enjoyed it so very much.  So I knew he would love this idea. Naturally he asked if he could rate this one at a 5.  Then he saw the give the healing power of man’s best friend to wounded vets, and I knew because we have a friend who just recently came back from Iraq and is going through something very similar that this would touch close to his heart, and it did.

I really love that the concept is very simple, making giving to charities very easy, easy enough that I could get my children involved. The voting idea is very similar to that of American Idol (or The Voice as Ethan said). Its very straight forward.

Week 1: The projects are listed and you rate each project on a scale between one and five.
Week 2: The projects are narrowed down to just 6 projects, and the projects then will be described in greater detail.
Week 3: Its getting serious. Its now down to only three choices left to choose from.
Week 4: The winning project is decided.
Beyond week 4: Once the winning project is selected Members Unite jumps into action cutting a check to the winning project. Also you will be kept in the know of the amazing things that the project was able to achieve by your donation!
I highly encourage you sit down with your little one and explain charity and giving back to them. I think you might be surprised how naturally caring children can be. This website makes sharing the concept with your kids a little easier.  If you do get a chance I would love to hear who you voted for!!

For a limited time, Members Unite is offering my community a 50% off discount on the annual membership fee of $25! Use code “WELOVEMOMS” when you sign up!

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  1. My daughter is only 2 but we already talk about helping organizations in ways that she can understand. Recently I made kid snack packs for a local food bank and of course when she saw the applesauce, granola bars, etc. she wanted to eat them. Once I explained we were giving them to her “friends” who didn’t have any food, she then started saying, “these are for my friends.” I know she probably didn’t get it but it’s little steps like those that will hopefully instill a sense of giving in her.

  2. Great post! I joined the Members Unite. I am so glad I found your post about it today. I found you through Blogger Coment Club.

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