Im on Pinterest!

Im sure you’ve heard about the Pinterest “craze” lately. Pinterest seems to be all over everywhere… and a lot of huge retailers even have boards now too.  So I finally broke down and added a Pinterest button on the right side bar. Not fully sure why I waited so long because Im a serious Pinterest addict. Possibly because I thought it was going to be difficult to add, oddly enough it was super easy to add.

Heres a couple of samples of the type of things I pin (but absolutely not limited to).
I pin lots of decorating inspiration (who am I kidding no way in hell I will ever have a bedroom that looks this awesome)
I pin lots of funny stuff.
I pin a lot of great DIY things, even though I will only actually make a tenth of what I pin.
and of course like everyone else I pin a ridiculous amount of food. To the point that if you follow my boards you run the risk of running your diet. This WILL be dinner one night this week.
Then of course theres this. So swing by my Pinterest, follow if you like.

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