Jan 25

Wordless Wednesday 1/25


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  1. Rose Powell

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this photograph, I wish I had one like this, too cute!

  2. Erika Price

    Ah, how sweet! Did the tooth fairy pay a visit and leave a gift behind?

  3. bcIMthemommy

    How exciting! What is the going rate for teeth these days?

  4. bywordofmouth

    Now the tooth fairy better get right on that!

  5. Nolie

    I am not looking forward to those days. I hear inflation on the price of teeth has been crazy since I was a kid.

  6. Dawn Pruitt

    Too cute!!
    I am passing The Versatile Blogger Award on to you and your fab blog. Check out my post –

  7. Karly Gomez

    Ah ha ha, too cute!
    Thank you for linking up with me!

  8. Leah H

    She so happy and proud of it:)

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday! Hope you can stop by:)


  9. YesVideo, Inc.

    We love this photo. Did the toothfairy stop for a visit? Was it her first tooth to come out? We pinned your photo on our blogger community board via Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/yesvideo/blogger-community/

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