Ten on Tuesday 1/24

Linking up with Linnys Vault as always.

1. Tomorrow I see my neurologist for the first time in two months, hopefully she has SOME idea whats going on. Though I won’t hold my breath.

2. See this sweet little face? Yea. She’s been not so sweet at school lately, no matter what I do. I really don’t feel like being fussed at by her teacher because she’s too sassy.

3. I finally set up a “office” area for me in the house. Which consists of taking that spare room that was once a smaller dinning room and popping a fold up table and calling it a desk. While its not pretty its functional until I find a desk that I actually like. Maybe now I can get some work done.

4. I want every one of these for my couch. Except the iPhoto one, because I effing hate iPhoto.

5. I already have about 5 really good blog ideas all that are time sensitive-ish…. and I have zero motivation.

6. I think we have officially watched everything good on Netlfix. I think we now have to watch Mega Shark vs Mega Crocodile {kidding}.

7. I’ve been craving homemade BBQ Chicken all week. Im not sure that Im going to be able to wait until Fridays pizza night to make it.

8. I started reading a sample of the help on iBooks… and its amazing. Honesty its a little different that I had expected but still incredibly good. Soon as we get some extra cash Im going to have to buy that one. I see it being the kind of book you can read more than once.

9. Speaking of food {can you tell Im hungry} I have no idea what I will be making tonight… or tomorrow night… or the following. I really need to get some sort of a menu together.

10. I want this so badly.. its hurts.

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday 1/24

  1. 1. Hope everything goes well.
    3. I need something like this. My current space is my bed.
    5. That’s me. All. The. Time.
    6. Haha, I got to that point a long time ago so I just stopped paying for it. Maybe I’ll join back up in a few months though.
    8. I read it on my Nook & it was enjoyable enough. Honestly, I dont think I’ll read it ever again but that’s just because once I’ve read a book, I’m done with it. Do you have an Ereader? Email me if you do cause I’m pretty sure the hubs can crack the book so I can send it to you.
    9. I never know what I’ll be making for dinner. I’ve tried making those meal plans but when the night comes, nothing I planned ever sounds good anymore.
    10. Cute.

    1. Same thing here, the meal plan thing sounds like such a great idea… then dinner time comes and I change things all up. As for Netflix, how about I tell you when they finally put something new on there. So far nothing new in a VERY long time.

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