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Week in iPhone pictures 11-4

This week started with me getting this really weird package from Makers Mark (I have no clue how I got on their mailing list). Apparently this little Christmas sweater was meant for my Makers Mark bottle to wear… but since I don’t drink Makers Mark I had no where to put it. So I gave it to Jayde thinking that maybe one of her dolls could wear it. Next thing I know Munko (her favorite stuffed animal) came out wear it, cute right? Keeping with the whole awesome sweaters thing, I finally reached the bottom of the laundry pile (that in itself I should get some sort of award for) and found Decembers winter sweater. Wow- I guess that gives you perspective as to how long its been since Ive reached the bottom of that pile last. Anywho. I forgot two things about this sweater. 1. She looks adorable in it. 2. She hates it. All she will do is lay around all depressed like, which worked out well because we had family come in from out of town and this silly sweater kept her from being hyper when we had guests over. I also learned that if I take her iPod away she will read at bedtime and fall asleep at a reasonable time instead of staying up till almost midnight playing iPod games.A few nights this week I went into her room and there she was fast asleep with books all over her bed and floor. I think this was Tuesday night when I found her like this. With her thumb in the book holding her page. The book nerd in me absolutely adores this picture! To think that she’s behind a grade in her reading just seems absolutely unbelievable by this picture. Also, I have far too many photos of Jayde sleeping. This week also marked the beginning of Holiday baking (like I need another reason to bake non stop right?) So I edited this a recipe I found on pinterest to make these cute reindeer. While I think mine looked kind of sickly, the kids really enjoyed them. I just used some Pillsbury sugar cookies from the dairy section in the grocery store and shaped them like a triangle, and popped the M & M’s and pretzels in the correct places. It was super easy, and next time when I make these I will let the kiddos help since it was so super easy. I also made some that looked like Christmas trees, however they were horrible looking. Im shocked that the kids could tell what they were supposed to be. In other fun news, John had been growing this pretty epic beard for November. So far this is the longest he’s ever had a beard… and it was at least a good 3-4 inches long. While I think he looked super hot with it, towards the end it sort of became a joke as to what was going to get caught into in next. In all Im glad its gone. So in the process of him shaving his beard he of course tried a few styles. and of course ended with this pretty great goatee/massive mustache thing. I of course have pictures of each step, and will probably compose them all for one awesome post. This week we also had family (grandfather in law, father in law and mother in law) visiting us from Florida this week. They were supposed to stay for 4 or 5 days but only ended up staying 1 and a half days. Sadly we only got one evening with the family and I got very very few pictures, but this is one of my favorites. I love that Ethan sat next to Johns grandfather the entire time. There was even a point where Ethan fell asleep on him. It was super adorable since its been about 3 years since we’ve seen him. Also… see a resemblance in these three?? (wow!) We also got the rest of out Christmas decorations up this week too, even the outside lights…. So bring on the snow! (Note Ethan hiding in the picture.) Ill leave you with one last picture of Jayde dancing on our front porch while she watches daddy put up the Christmas lights.

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