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Curly Sue

Jayde really hates having wavy/straight hair (much more straight than wavy). So Im always looking for ways to give her some volume. If you are the proud owner of straight hair (I am not) you would know that trying to get your hair to curl is quite the task, because sleeping with curlers in your hair sucks and curling your hair doesn’t stick.
I ran across this tutorial on Pinterest (I couldn’t find that tutorial again though, if its yours email me and Ill tie you credit) where the lady braided her daughters hair and then flat ironed it for a crimped like look. I did give that a try- but can you imagine trying to braid all that hair and flat ironing it, and have your child behave? Nope, me either. So I came up with this technique, that is not only sort of fast- but also holds for DAYS (don’t ask how we know lol)

Exibit A. Jaydes hair (yes its still a tad wet)

Divide the hair like you would with pig tails. Then take a small section of the hair and twist.

Next you grab that flat iron and iron it.

Ta-Da! Dreadlocks, er.. curls.

Now separate each “curl” with you fingers. I brushed her hair afterwards, mainly because she’s running around and it would end up this way anyways. If you don’t brush the hair is much more curly.

Bam! Finished product.
It will last for days. I forgot to put conditioner in her hair before styling it, but if you do its much less frizzy. Though Im sure that frizziness is in here genes (you’re welcome Jayde)

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