Just eat your turkey on your lunch break

I heard through the grape vine a few weeks ago that Best Buy would be opening their stores at midnight on Thanksgiving Day, which instantly made me mad. As I assumed they were the only ones doing it- WRONG. Apparently almost all big box stores are opening super early on Thanksgiving.

I was mad about that until, I saw Toys R Us’s Black Friday commercial. Our local store will be open at 9pm on THANKSGIVING DAY. Yes, Thanksgiving Day. Not the day before. Naturally this sparked some fury inside me. What could they possibly have to sell that was so amazing that it was more important that these people being with their families. The initial shock of companies opening at midnight was gone, I was MUCH more irritated by the 9pm opening. That means those employees will have to be in by 7 pm on Thanksgiving Day. I can tell you right now, if ANY company ever requested me to work on Thanksgiving Day they would get a big middle finger from me.

“One retail executive sounded sad about the decision to open earlier. Brian Dunn, the chief executive of Best Buy, said that the midnight opening “became an operating imperative for us” after competitors moved their openings back. “I feel terrible,” he said.”

I guess I can understand why Best Buy felt the need to push back times, because everyone else did. Also since I am a friend on Facebook with him, and follow on him on Twitter (stalking at its finest!) he posts about him family and sincerely seems like a normal down to earth person, so in a sense I fully believe this statement. Atleast Brian Dunn took the time to release a statement about this new “trend”. Im really
curious what the people from Toys R Us have to say about this. Im sure its going to go something like “We are sorry but we had to follow suite and then beat them by 4 hours”.Who wants to make a bet with me that within 2 years employees will not even get Thanksgiving Day off. Anyone?

Ill let it slide for all those companies who are opening at midnight… but Toy R Us, you took it TOO far.

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  1. If you ask me, if their sales are good enough people will wait for the store to open even if they opened at 8am. What is going on now is just silly.

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