Ten on Tuesday 9/13

Im joining in on Ten on Tuesday with Linnys Vault.

1. Both kids got in trouble at school, Jayde got in trouble for poking her friends lunch box (um, ok), and Ethan got in trouble for playing with his eraser and talking in class. We spent the entire night dealing with them fussing about being punished for being bad in school.

2. Were already decorating for Halloween. Don’t even tell me I’m nuts I got the go ahead from my twitter friends , its totally normal to decorate this early in advance.

3. Last night I cooked two dinners. One normal sized, 2 lbs of chicken. Followed by me cooking 4 more pounds of chicken because John and the kids were raving about how good it was and how they wanted more.

4. If one of the kids sneezes without covering their mouth I’m going to lose it. Sneezes make me want to gag!

5. I started another blog today- I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with openly sharing it just yet.

6. I’ve picked up my phone at least 5 times today when I got a text alert, thinking it was mom. It wasn’t.

7. Tomorrow morning I go to see the ear nose and throat specialist to get the results of some of the tests from last week. I’m hoping he found something so that I can get some relief from this constant dizziness.

8. I discovered that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maroon 5. Have you heard their new cd? A-freaking-mazing! Everyone around the house is singing it, cute- but sometimes a bit much.

9. Tomorrow its supposed to storm, and I can’t wait. I was to just sit on the front porch and listen to the rain fall.

10. I miss my mom.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday 9/13

  1. 1. For poking her friends lunchbox, really? Dang kids get into trouble for any little thing now a days.
    2. I totally agree with the Halloween decorating thing…go for it!
    3. Wow, what a compliment. Yay you.
    4. Me too. Omg there are few things that gross me out but that is definitely one of them.
    5. I totally get it and Im happy that you’re venting somewhere else. I’d love to read it, no judging I swear. When you feel comfortable enough to share it that is.
    6. It’s going to be a hard habit to break. I’m sorry sweets.
    7. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope you get some answers.
    8. I havent hear their new stuff but I used to really digg them. The lead singer is such a hottie.
    9. I love the rain. Too bad we haven’t gotten more than a few drops.
    10. It gets easier. With time. Keep your head up.

    Thanks a ton for liking up!

    1. hehe I like this game =P

      1. no joke- then I had to discipline her over that stupidness.
      2. glad im not the only one hehe.
      3. i know right- its rare!
      4. hubby thinks I’m nuts lol
      5. I see it happening soon.
      6. makes me want to hide the phone
      7. thanks
      8. yes… yes he is.
      9. best part- its bringing in a cold front!
      10. thanks I’m trying

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