Jul 23

Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago

Lonnies Best Taste of Chicago is a place I stumbled upon after getting the kids hair cut and deciding that I need a hotdog on the way home. While the storefront of this place looks a little questionable, I promise once you give it a try you won’t look at any other hotdog the same again.

Finally a place we could got that the kids would literally eat anything on the menu, but were just as happy with a plain dog with ketchup. Except Jayde, she decided to get a burger and was so pleased with it that she made sure each of us know how good it was. John and I went for something a little more fancy, John had the Rush Street Chili Cheese dog (which is exactly what it sounds like) and I had the State Street dog (this dog is cover in sauerkraut, onion and mustard).

The hotdog are DELICIOUS. Who knew something so simple could taste this good!


Lonnies Best Taste of Chicago

We liked this place so much that we went back about a week later and ordered the same thing the next time! Except this time I noticed that there was pound cake on the menu and it looked incredible, so I told John after I ate my hot I wanted a piece of pound cake as well. Unfortunately the hotdog and fries filled me up so much that I had no room for dessert, and after we left I regretted not get a slice to go!

Lonnies Best Taste of Chicago hot dog

This place has a little something for everyone from hot dogs to beef sandwiches and more! Be sure to swing by during lunch time to get a lunch special and save a few bucks. Their website has the menu and listing of what each days lunch special is.

Oh and if you get a chance to try the pound cake you have to tell me how it is!

Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago can be found at:

121 St. Matthews Ave
Louisville, KY 40207

Jul 22

Awesome Etsy Finds // Yellow

Fabric tulips // Happy Dolls By Lesya

Yellow Leather Pencil Case // LEAD or DEAD

Two Way Messenger // Bag DoRi

Bright Yellow Glass Leaf Teardrop Earrings // Dondalees

Metal Bike Art // Willows Grace

Thank You Note Cards // Dahlia Press Shop

Yellow Crochet Pouf // Looping Home

Jul 21

Gel polish minus the light // Does it work?

I have always been a nail bitter, I would bite my nails so low that there would be hardly any nails left to bite. I always thought that it was a terrible habit that I just couldn’t break, that was until last year I was put on anxiety medicine. After about a month on that medicine I noticed that I actually had nails! I was shocked because I hadn’t even had the slightest urge to bite my nails, I guess it was anxiety that caused it over all this time.

I have to admit that I really love having nails, especially being able to wear awesome nail polish on my nails. The only thing that I really dislike is that I can never seem to find any nail polish that will last long than a day or two without chipping.

So whenever I walked into Walgreens a week ago and saw this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, that up to 14 days of color and shine really caught my eye. Then again that $20 price tag did as well… luckily for me it was on sale for $16 so I bought it up and crossed my fingers. Keep in mind if this works I will be able to use the finishing clear coat along side any colors in this set, so I won’t have to buy one each time.
Sally Hansen Miracle gelInitially I was kind of disappointed in how thin the polish was, I ended up having to put three coats of color instead of the recommended two. After putting on the clear finishing coat I could immediately tell a difference in this polish, not only did it dry in just a small portion of time but the color was shiny and vibrant! Now came the ultimate question…. would it last?
Sally hansen gelThis photo was taken on day SIX of me wearing this polish. It still looks as shiny and vibrant as day one, and without a single chip. I want to be clear that I did not go “soft” on my nails I did all the things that I would normally do and more, in fact I got hot glue on one nail and peeled it off without it even messing up that nail!

I even went back and purchased a pale pink color called “Smartease” and I cant wait to try it out!

Jul 18

16 delicious ice cream sandwich recipes

16 delicious ice cream sandwich recipes
Summer for me has always made me think of frozen treats, especially ice-cream. Naturally ice-cream sandwiches are no exception, in fact it might be one of my favorite ways of enjoying ice-cream. I have wanted to try my hand at making homemade ice-cream sandwiches though, because there are so many options!

Peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwich // Dreamsicle cookie ice cream sandwich // Skinny ice cream sandwiches // Slutty brownie ice cream sandwiches

Frozen cake mix cookie ice cream sandwich // Apple pie ice cream sandwich // Burnt sugar ice cream sandwich // Lucky Charms ice cream sandwich

Raspberry ice cream sandwich // Banana bread ice cream sandwich // Vegan chai ice cream sandwich // Samoas ice cream sandwich

Chocolate dipped strawberry ice cream sandwich // Donut ice cream sandwich // Maple, bacon and buttermilk ice cream sandwich // Birthday cake ice-cream sandwich

Jul 17

Phone Photos Lately

Since the kids have been in Florida for the last two weeks with family I have really done much, therefore I haven’t taken many photos. So Im going to share some of the cute pictures that the kids have sent me.

The kids have gotten to do all kinds of cool stuff, everything from Universal Studios to sightseeing in the mountains. Yes, Im aware I didn’t post any photos of Chandler, but he has been taking 99% of the photos.

Also… like how Ethan is channeling his inner Miley? There is no doubt in my mind that he was twerking either before or immediately after that photo was taken!

I have enjoyed the quiet time, I have gotten a lot of work done and even some super relaxing trips to Target with Starbucks in hand. And if you’re wondering, yes I still go down the toy isles even when the kids aren’t with me- who knows when I might come across an awesome Target Clearance find.

Target shopping aloneHeck I was even able to go grocery shopping with John and I was sure that since the kids weren’t around to encourage me to buy junk food that I would surely buy lots of healthy food….
junk food
That clearly was not the case. It turns out that I am the reason we have junk food.

What can I say… I love junk.

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