Nov 24

Kawaii Box // Holiday Gift Guide

This is part of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. The product was provided to me by the brand for review, however I have only included brands that I truly think my readers will enjoy. Pinky promise!

I still think that subscription boxes make incredible gifts for just about anyone, they really are the gift that just keeps giving. I have tried out quite a few subscription boxes and I think this Kawaii Box is one of my favorites.

Kawaii Box Subscription

Upon opening the box I was immediately met with an overload of cute, and as I pulled each amazing item from the box there was more awesomeness right below it. This box felt like it was just packed full, unlike some of those subscription boxes who just have one or two items inside that make you feel like you have been cheated (you know who you are).

I waited until my daughter was here to open it because I knew she would enjoy it as much as I did. As soon as opened it we immediately started calling dibs on which items we wanted.  She called dibs on this hilarious poop lollipop and some really adorable nail stickers and I called dibs on this pen that looked just like a lollipop!

This subscription box is perfect for anyone who loves cute, especially tween/teen girls! Kawaii Box is only $18.90 a month and has plans that go all the way up to yearly subscriptions that are as low as $17.30 a month! Each box includes 10 – 12 handpicked kawaii items that range from plushes to pencils. Each box you purchase will get you automatic entry into our Kawaii Megabox raffle, valued over $100!

The great people over at Kawaii Box was super awesome and is offering on of these boxes to one of my readers!
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Nov 23

Menu plan 11 / 23

menu plan

MONDAY Beef with broccoli & rice

TUESDAY Dinner at the movies

WEDNESDAY  Chicken pot pies

THURSDAY Crockpot fajitas

FRIDAY Thanksgiving!!! (YAY!)

SATURDAY Quesadilla pizzas

Nov 19


All three of my kids have totally different personalities, Jayde is my quiet yet sassy princess, Chandler is my kind tech savvy oldest and Ethan, well Ethan is my has to be center of attention wild child. So whenever I got a call last Friday from Ethan I wasn’t completely surprised.

It has become a tradition that Ethan stays after with his friends every Friday to play soccer with some of his closest friends. They normally stay as long as possible, most days all the way until sunset. So whenever I got a phone call from him just 45 minutes after school let out I was a little worried.

Ethan playing soccer

Ethan: (very calmly says) “Mom, I think you need to come get me”.
Me: “Why, whats up?”
Ethan: “I think I hurt myself”
Me: “no, really whats wrong” (he’s clearly too calm to have anything wrong)
Ethan: “I broke my arm”
Me: “why do you think that”
Ethan: “I just know. Come get me please”
Me: “Ok Im on my way”

Thinking that surely theres no way that he legitimately broke his arm because he’s so calm I load Chandler and Jayde into the car and head towards him. On the way I just keep thinking theres no way he really broke his arm because he’s so totally calm. I call him again and he tells me that his friend called the cops. ** INSERT ME FULLY FREAKING OUT HERE ** From here I was driving like a crazy person to get to him. Once I arrived there were two cop cars and a handful of boys standing there, and my Ethan holding his arm which was twisted in a way that it never should be. It turns out that he was playing soccer and a friend tripped him to get the ball and caused Ethan to fall at full force on his arm.

I rushed him to the hospital. That car ride was by far one of the longest ever because he was yelling in pain. I took him to the local children hospital where we were met by some of the most friendly (and fast) staff ever. They had him back in just a matter of what felt like seconds and had nurses surrounding him. They gave him pain medicine and got some X-rays of his arm. As you can see by the photos he had a pretty gross (but clean) break and luckily he wouldn’t need surgery, the nurses were pretty shocked because they thought he would after seeing how bent his arm was. They wrapped him up in a splint with some more pain medicine and sent us on our way with a referral to a orthopedic doctor for later in the week.
Ethans arm wrapped By this point Ethan was totally starving (at one point he even asked the nurse for some chicken nuggets) so I took him to his favorite chicken wing place for dinner. He’s been in pretty consistent pain since then, so I can’t wait for the trip to the orthopedic doctor who will hopefully make it better.

For the record, I said whenever Ethan was very small that I knew he would be the first to break his arm because he’s so crazy careless sometimes. Sadly, I was right. Also if you are in the Louisville area and ever need medical help go to Kosair because their staff is incredible!

Nov 18

9 hot chocolate recipes to warm up with

Gingerbread hot chocolate // Red Velvet Hot Cocoa // Orange Hot Chocolate // Thin mint hot chocolate // Pink velvet hot chocolate

Smores hot chocolate // White hot chocolate // Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate // Caramel hot chocolate

Nov 17

NOMAD // Holiday Gift Guide

This is part of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. The product was provided to me by the brand for review, however I have only included brands that I truly think my readers will enjoy. Pinky promise!


I don’t think I ever got around to posting about it but I bought an Apple Watch a few months ago after really resisting the urge to buy one. So of course that means that I want to get as many awesome accessories for it, and I know Im not the only one. The problem is that since its a brand new product very few accessories exist, and finally really cool ones are even harder to find. When I came across NOMAD I knew that they were a brand that had to be included in my holiday gift guide.

Nomad has a charger for your phone that will fit inside of your wallet, a sleek car charger, Apple Watch stand, a absolutely stunning power bank that is made of walnut, a Apple Watch band that is pretty epic and last but not least their Apple Watch Pod. I had to try out their Pod which is the portable Apple Watch battery.

Nomad Pod

The Pod comes in two colors, space grey and silver. The battery on my Apple Watch is pretty great and typically lasts all day, except those days that I forget to charge my phone completely those are the days that I need my Pod. Luckily I can just unplug it from my nightstand (where I typically keep it and use it as a Apply Watch mount) and throw it right into my purse and Ill have my watch charged in no time.

Some other fun facts about the Nomad Pod:

  • 1800mAh battery that will keep your watch charged.
  • Nomad products are available online at as well as at your local Best Buy.
  • Works with both the 1m & 2m variations of the Apple Watch charging cable.
  • The Pod itself takes about roughly two hours to fully charge.
  • When fully charged will charge the Apple watch 4 full times.

This Pod is a perfect gift for anyone who owns an Apple Watch, it really is a the perfect accessory to the watch.

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