Sep 10

Is there a place for phones in schools?

As soon as the Apple Watch was released Chandler immediately tweeted “Apple Watch + school = school won’t like it”. Which is probably completely true, and sad. Even though all of the other students are allowed to wear traditional watches, Im sure that over time it will be banned from school just like how iPhones (and other phones in general).
iphones in school
It eats me alive that kids cannot bring phones to school. Which is nuts because with my kids using calendar for their school events and due dates, using the reminds for school reminds, and iBooks for reading. In fact Chandler and Ethan rarely touch traditional books because they enjoy using iBooks more. Basically they are telling my kids DONT READ. The kids will tell me that once they are finished with school work they can read, just not on their phones via iBooks.

Now I get that kids will be playing on their phones while they should be doing school work, but made THOSE kids not be able to use their phones at school. Don’t take it out on the kids who just want to use their phone for reading, taking notes and etc.

What do you think, should kids be able to take their phones to school?

Sep 09

Awesome Etsy finds // Succulents

Succulent Flat Note Cards // Succulent Cushion // Plush Succulent Plant Magnets // Boxcar Succulent Planters // Purple Succulents Tablecloth

Sep 05

Cleaning up even when you have no time with Swiffer #SwifferEffect

Since school started back things have been a little crazy. I mean its nothing unusual for the first weeks of school, but after a few months of just relaxing and having fun it is a little hard to want to sit and do homework and chores after a long day at school. Unfortunately my house totally reflects this too.

School papers everywhere.

School supplies everywhere.

Kids shoes/back packs/clothes everywhere (they totally come inside and just drop everything at the door).

A massive mess everywhere.

* Did you know that a massive amount of American couples ( 85%) add stress to their relationship at home.*

So whenever that gorgeous green Swiffer box arrived I sighed a sigh of relief, help had arrived. Finally a quick and easy way to clean up that even my kids can enjoy. I don’t know about your kids but my kids actually argue over who uses the Swiffer, in my house dusting and Swiffering the floors are really popular chores. Honestly it was funny because my kids knew what was in the green box before I even opened them, those Swiffer commercials are very effective!

So I quickly turned on the new Maroon 5 album (which is super amazing by the way) and assigned chores to each kid, making sure that each kid got a turn with the new Swiffers. Before I knew it there were no shoes on my now shiny and clean hardwood floods, there were no school supplies or paper all over my previously dusty tables. Everything was clean and smelled amazing because not only do the Swiffer dusters clean very good (even on electronics) they are even scented with GAIN so that you get a nice refreshing scent as well. The floors also smelled super nice because the Swiffer Sweeper is paired with the scent of Febreeze to completely eliminate bad smells and replace them with a welcoming clean scent.

Unfortunately the video that I took of my friend being surprised by the Swiffer green box got deleted, which is a super bummer because she loved it. She said that its going to make her life so much easier because she’s a single mom of a little one and between work and his school she has little time to clean and this will help her clean fast. She also mentioned that with the help of Swiffer she will be able to get her young son to help out as well, even with the floor cleaning!

Since I cant share the video of my friend being surprise I have the next best thing. I let my oldest son (the neat freak) open the door to the surprise of the green box and he was totally elated, he even called “dibs” on the duster immediately!

Before I knew it he was Swiffering everything. Nothing in sight was safe. With Swiffer being so gentle he can use it on my most fragile surfaces like my canvas print, laptop keyboards, our new TV, and even himself! For me though, Im thankful that any of my three can use the Swiffer Sweeper to quickly clean up the messes that they make. These cleaning tools make it so much easier for everyone in the family to help out (and WANT to help out), now we have so much more time to spend doing other things!


* A Whopping 82% of wives don’t ask for help with cleaning because they don’t want to “nag” .Yet 61% of husbands said that they would help if they were just asked. * Come on ladies share that Swiffer love with your husbands!
All I can think of is how great this will be for whenever its snowy outside, because now when they walk inside tracking snow everywhere on my hardwood floors I can now simply grab my Swiffer to clean up! Better yet, the KIDS can grab the Swiffer and clean it up!


Be sure to check out this video from Eric Stonestreet (from Modern Family) to see how he keeps his house clean whenever he has guest over.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Sep 04

Start football season with some delicious appetizers

Big list of delicious appetizers
Looks like football season is here again, which basically means that a few nights over the next few months my husband will steal the TV to watch football. So to make those nights more tolerable Im thinking that I should whip up some delicious appetizers to keep me occupied.

Jalapeno garlic butter corn // Hummus Sriracha deviled eggs // Zucchini parmesan crisps // Pizza pinwheels

Avocado egg rolls // French onion soup sticks // Easy little smokies // Sausage cheddar bites // Easy stuffed mushrooms

Asian salad wonton cups // Meatball sub on a stick // Easy homemade pretzel bites // Buffalo Quinoa Bites

Pretzel crusted chicken bites // Pineapple coconut cream cheese wontons // Philly cheese steak potato skins Sweet bacon tater tots

Fried pickles // Spinach and cream cheese bites Cheddar cheese twists

Sep 03

iPhone photos lately 9/2

It seems like forever since I have shared any photos, partly because we have been so busy with back to school and partly because the kids are impossible to get photos of.

Towards the end of last month the kids started back to school, the boys went into seventh grade and Jayde started middle school. Since the kids have to get on the bus by 6:30 am I wasn’t able to catch an outside of the house photo of them like I normally do.
2014first day of school
Then of course Jayde turned 11. She got all of The Walking Dead gear that she asked for, but the only thing that she really wanted was a “fancy Starbucks cup” filled with her favorite drink. Naturally I more than happy to take her and get her that!
So far the school year has had a ton of ups and downs. We have had two really large run ins with bullies this year. One of them had Jayde so upset that she came home crying, which I immediately fixed by taking her to Starbucks for treats and then to the toy store. Luckily her counselor was able to fix it quickly so that she was not bothered by the other kid again. However we are dealing with another bully with one of the boys, hopefully that will get resolved asap as well. Other than that the school year has had a lot of other downfalls, hopefully all of these improve very fast.
Jayde toy
My birthday was on Labor Day and I got to do exactly what I wanted, relax. Chandler was super sweet and baked me a really delicious cake and matched the ice cream and cakes to the plates and napkins. It makes me so happy that he loves me enough to do these kinds of things for me.
birthday cake

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