Apr 26

Menu plan

menu plan



Grilled Chicken and corn


Mini pancakes and sausage

Shepherds pie and salad


Bacon and egg cups

Kielbasa, cabbage and potato skillet


Grits and fruit

Tuna casserole and spinach


Mini muffins



Eggs, bacon, and toast

Vegetable soup


Eggs, bacon and grits

Chicken wings and fries


I struggle so much with eating breakfast because I am never hungry early and truly Im not a morning person so the thought of cooking anything early morning makes my head hurt. Though I noticed that two of my three really do not like having breakfast and thats a terrible habit to have. Long story short, Im starting to plan breakfast meals too.

And yes, I know I should be serving healthier meals in the morning but you know what? Baby steps people.

Do you plan all of your meals or only dinner?

Apr 24

Friday Favorites #7

This father child journal is incredible. My husband works retail and has crazy hours so often times the kids are in bed before they see him and I think this would make a great way for them to communicate. Im seriously considering making three of these for my kids.

I came across these succulent terrarium cupcakes and immediately thought finally theres a plant that I can keep alive! Not to mention, how cute are these?

These DIY clay kitty coasters are so dang cute, and I can totally see myself making some of these just as dogs!
DIY clay kitty coasters

I love this pillow wrap idea because I hate buying new pillows and this is a perfect to change your pillows for the seasons.

Then there is this amazing looking Salted Caramel Oreo Pie which I could probably eat all by myself. Salted Caramel Oreo Pie

I am forever looking for backdrops for my photos and this list of 50 DIY photo backdrops has so many incredible ideas!

These printable cactus cupcake stands are beyond adorable. printable cactus cupcake stand

Apr 23

Favorite pins lately

I love Pinterest. It has to be one of my favorite sites of all. That being said, I feel like it would be a shame if I did not share some of my favorite pins lately .

gray and gold vanityI love this bathroom. Never in a million years would I have paired grey with gold in a bathroom but this room is perfection.
strawberries and cream cakeThis strawberries and cream cake looks amazing. Not only is this photo great, but I bet this cake is so good.
smokey lavendar locksIf I had gorgeous hair like this chick I would totally try to pull off this color because it is all kinds of amazing.
stages of curly hairSpeaking of hair, this 12 stages of curly hair is literally dead on!
black and white kids room Then there is this really cute black and white kids room that has so much white I wonder if any kid could ever actually play in that room. All the same though, its pretty impressive. sunglassesI just went and picked up my contacts for the warmer weather (since glasses feel terrible to sweat in) and Im totally ready for some sunglasses like these. quote I think this quote is something that we should all remember, especially myself!

Tell me, whats your favorite pin lately?

Apr 22

Awesome Etsy Finds // custom portraits

Custom Zombie portraits // Personalized Paper Doll Set // Bespoke quirky portrait // Custom Couple Portrait // Custom Portrait Illustration // Personalized Family Portrait // Custom cartoon print

Apr 21

Jurassic World // new trailer

I am so ridiculously excited about this movie. From the very first rumors about this coming out I was totally pumped to see this one. I loved the original movies because they are one of the very few movies that I can watch over and over and I can already tell by the trailers that this movie will be just the same!

Also if you have not had a chance be sure to check out the Jurassic World website, its really neat.

Do you plan on seeing Jurassic World?

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