Aug 31

Dressing up your hair style with Walmart & TRESemme

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For the past few years I spent a ton of times straightening out my naturally curly hair, some days I would even spend more than an hour getting all those curls to flatten out. Then if it rained or was overly humid my curly would start coming back and I would end up looking like a hot mess. So early this year I finally decided to embrace my curls, and stop spending SO much time trying to get rid of them.

I won’t fully say that it was easy at first, in fact there were a few days when my curls went wild because I simply did not know how to manage my curls. Who knew that if I stopped touching my curls that it would make a huge difference on how defined my curls look. The second thing I learned is that hair products are my friend, after much trial and error I have found some hair product that have really made my hair look significantly better.

Image 3

Walmart and TRESemme have teamed up to help you get salon beautiful hair this VMA season. Not only can you find great TRESemme products that you love at the low Walmart prices that you expect, but if you take a moment to check out this website you will find some tips great tips and tutorials to help you achieve the styles that will really make you look gorgeous as well as finding the perfect products to help you get the style you want!

Aug 28

No more ice cream man needed #IceCreamRun

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Growing up in Florida I spent a lot of time outdoors riding my bike, especially chasing after the ice cream man. Im pretty sure over my years I probably made the ice cream man rich. I remember riding after him screaming for him to stop because my mom took so long giving me cash that he drove off (I did miss him that time).

So much has changed for kids since then, for one I cant name a single time that my children have seen an ice cream man other than at large events (that doesn’t count though). Which means that I have to have cool treats on hand at all times, and with three kids we are forever running out.

UNI_WAG_IceCreamScale_Asset2[5][1] (1)

Luckily for my kids we live just a few blocks from a Walgreens and they carry all kinds of ice cream from Unilever. They have everything from Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare and even my personal favorite Popsicle! If you’re like us you live right within walking distance to a Walgreens go ahead and put on your walking shoes and get your hands on a cool delicious treat from the Walgreens freezer section to keep you cool on these hot summer days! It just doesn’t get anymore easier than this!

Aug 27

Serve warm treats with the help of DoubleTree by Hilton

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Double tree cookies
My family is huge fans of freshly baked cookies, but its rare that I have enough time to whip up a batch of homemade cookie dough especially with back to school in full swing now. So I find myself buying the store bough prepared dough, even though often times it leaves me feeling like I could certainly do better. To be perfectly honest, I have zero clue how to even make fresh cookie dough so it would take me double the normal time to make fresh homemade cookies.

Doubletree bake at home
Luckily DoubleTree by Hilton is here to save the day, by offering their iconic chocolate chip cookie dough for purchase online (for $45.75) over at, these come in two 3 pound tubs of frozen cookie dough that will make enough for 42 DoubleTree cookies. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to make all 42 cookies at once because this dough can be refrigerated for a week or kept frozen for up to three months! That means you can make warm cookies for your kids after school every day with very little work on your part!

If you have not had the pleasure of staying at a DoubleTree for Hilton hotel and received one of these amazing cookies at check out let me tell you a little about them. These cookies are baked daily at each hotel and weigh in over 2 ounces each and have an average of a whopping 20 chocolate chips per cookie (in case your counting that is more than 1 MILLION pounds of chocolate chips every single year). I promise these cookies will knock your socks off!

Aug 26

Awesome Etsy Finds // Concrete

Modern exposed bulb concrete Lamp // Sturlesidesign

Concrete Geometric Minimalist Vase // Fraulklarer

Concrete fruit bowl // Culinarium

Concrete Tissue Box Cover // Fmcdesign

Square Concrete Necklace // Studio Corbelle

Concrete cofee table // MTrend Design

Aug 21

Student dress code, a vent

Jayde We live in a county where the vast majority of schools ask that the students wear uniforms, yet somehow we have gotten lucky to have had two schools where uniforms were not required. The schools do have regular dress codes, and in all the dress code is very similar to the dress code I had whenever I was in school. No opened toed shoes, no hoodies on the students heads, no tank tops or exposed shoulders at all, no bad words on clothing, and shorts must be longer than the students middle finger when held next to the leg.

Most of those rules are ok but that last one is a massive bummer for Jayde, she’s tiny and any shorts that fit her waist do not even come close to her middle finger when held next to her leg. To give you an idea, she is in the sixth grade and is 11 years old and wears a size small in shirts and a size 8 in shorts/pants. I can buy her a size 12 and it gets sort of near the length that it needs to be, but then she has to wear a belt and walk around with the shorts being super baggy.

Jayde park

I get where the school is coming from, they don’t want students butts hanging out but where does that leave the skinny girls who cant wear shorts at all because of their weight? I feel like this rule is completely outdated and that maybe it is time to change up the dress code rules to say something along the lines of “No shorts so short that the students butt is exposed to the world”.

Side note: Yes Jayde is tiny, but I have asked her doctor ever single year and she is still very within a healthy range on her weight!


Moms of skinny girls, what do you do?

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