Oct 28

Get Paid to save money!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global influence, but as always all opinions are all my own!


As a family of 5 we go through a lot of toiletries, which means that I try to purchase products that are easy on my wallet as well as work well as good as those expensive brands. Every since the kids were toddlers I have been using Suave almost exclusively for them. Now that they are older the kids even enjoy picking out their favorite scents! Currently they adore the Suave Naturals Waterfall Mist, and thats totally fine by me because I really love snuggling a clean child who’s hair smells amazing! Plus since they are kids the tend to pour out product than they actually need to put in their hair, and thats ok too because Suave is so affordable.

Suave Naturals

To give you another reason to love Suave they have partnered up with Walmart to help you get rewarded for buying the Suave products that you love. Simply by scanning your Walmart receipts to earn perks from Suave. Every time that you purchase a Suave product at Walmart you will earn points that are redeemable for a $5 Walmart gift card. Check out the Suave Family Perks website for more details!

suave perks 3

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Suave Family Perks – Resourceful Mommy

Oct 28

How to clean your tires in just minutes #DawnBeyondtheSink

This post is a sponsored post on behalf of Dawn and Double Duty Divas, but as always all opinions are all my own!

My first thought whenever I think of dish detergent I often only think of spending some time in my kitchen, but thats where Dawn is helping people everywhere to think beyond the sink and share creative ways that Dawn helps us around the house in places other than the kitchen.  Instantly I thought of my husbands grandmother because she used to clean her car only with dish soap and water. Honestly it sounds a little crazy because surely cars needed to be cleaned with much more “powerful chemicals” and yet somehow she always had the cleanest car around, which is saying something because her car was more than a few years old at the time.

So I decided to try and use Dawn dish soap to scrub down my tires on my van to see just what a little water and some Dawn could do for my van. Plus since fall is in full swing that means that winter is just around the corner so this very well might be the last time that I am able to clean my car before it starts snowing, and if this works well I will use this method to clean my car again after winter to get rid of all of that terrible road salt.

With my Dawn in hand along with a bucket, and a brush and gave this a test run on my dirty van. I poured about a teaspoon of Dawn into my bucket and added one gallon of warm water, and used my brush (it is a tire brush but a sponge would work just as well) to rub down my tire with my mixture.

DawnBeyondTheSinkbubblesAs you can the dirt was just pouring off of my tires, almost like my van WANTED a deep cleaning! After a little elbow grease (not too much though) and then rinsing the tires with water, I was pleased with the results.


To my surprise the mixture of Dawn and warm water really cleaned my tires deeply and left them looking shiny and clean!


The best part is that more than likely you already have some Dawn in the kitchen that you can use to make this mixture, and even better this a mixture that your kids could help make! Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and your kids will even want to help clean the car while they are at it!


Be sure to check out the Dawn Dish Beyond the Sink website, there you will find a bunch of really great uses for Dawn dish soap for both in the kitchen and outside the kitchen!


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There will also be a Twitter party in case you want even more chances to win cool gear! The #DawnBeyondtheSink Twitter Party will take place on Tuesday October 28th at 9pm EST. The Twitter party will have great prizes as well :

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Be sure to RSVP here and tell all of your friends to join as well because everyone that joins will get a Dawn product! Make sure to also follow the wonderful hosts, @DoubleDutyDivas, @BridgetteLA, @CeceliaMecca @AngieKcom @WhatMommiesNeed @RamblingChick, and our sponsor @DawnDish

Oct 27

Awesome Etsy Finds // Random

Ike & Olive Tea Towels // I Like The Way You Work It Mug // iPhone 6 Plus Sleeve // French Bulldog toy // black and white striped cotton flat weave carpet // love quote print // Lines Print Leather Base Shoulder Bag // Fox plush //

Oct 25

The car ride that changed it all // Part 4

(Please read Part 3 first)

With this new doctor it felt like all of the times that I dealt will all the other doctors for the first time. We tried new medicine, I got sick and then we changed it. Except this time, the second medicine instantly changed everything in fact I felt almost normal. After another month and a few increases of my medicine I was back to feeling normal.

If I’m feeling okay that means that he was right, that I had anxiety. Which got me to thinking about each time I ever got sick and I realized that every single time I was sick I was anxious before it happened. My anxiety symptoms weren’t cut and dry by the book so I assumed something massive was wrong with me… but why did no doctor notice it? More importantly how did I not notice that this is what my body was doing, I feel like one of those women on “I didn’t know I was pregnant”- how could I not have known?!

I have always been a very shy person, so I just assumed that my anxiety with certain things were because of that, and all those times I snipped and yelled and John or the kids for no reason I just assumed was part of my personality. Maybe my personality made me be very short with the people that I love, maybe it made my overreact and even get very worried over the smallest things.

Looking back it makes me terribly sad that I went through all the pain and missed so very much of my kids growing up because I was unable to interact with them and do the things that I wished I could have done with them. Most importantly I wish I would have know that the anxiety caused me to be snippy and short with them so I could have addressed the problem and been the mom I so dearly wanted to be. I cant change the past and how I acted, rather or not it was any fault of my own. I can only move forward being anxiety free and being the person I want to be.

Now I take a pill at night to prevent anxiety and I have another that I can take if I feel anxious. These pills aren’t like those other ones that made me high and numb to everything around me. These pills stop me from getting anxious and allow me to be the mom I wanted to be. I can take my kids places, and interact with them without dizziness or even getting sick at all. Who knew that a pill or two would change it all…

I have done things that I thought I would never be able to do… travel, drive long distances, smile, live, all because one doctor listened and recognized my symptoms.

Oct 21

Awesome Etsy Finds // Dachshunds

Dachshund Round Napkin Rings // iPhone 6 Cover // Dachshund Nail Decal Stickers // Dachshund ring // Dachsund Necklace // Tattoo Sausage Dog Pocket Mirror // Dachshund Wall Art

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