Oct 21

Awesome Etsy Finds // Dachshunds

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Oct 18

Embracing my curls

This post is sponsored by Global Influence, but as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!


Whenever I was younger I spent a lot of time wearing my hair pulled back into either a bun or a ponytail because I hated my curly hair. Once I was in my twenties I spent a ridiculous amount of time every day straightening out my curls, and while I loved having straight hair each day all it would take is a little humidity or rain to make my curls come back full force.

So last year I finally gave in and decided that I couldn’t devote an hour or more each day on my hair, I decided it was time that I came to just accept my curly hair. It was certainly a lot of trial and error though because my first instinct was to treat my hair as I always had, I washed it daily, I used a ton of product, and I treated my hair terribly. Certainly keeping my curls looking nice and with minimal frizz couldn’t be that hard, so I took to Pinterest and found some really amazing tips that made me finally love my curls.

These are the tips that I found that made a huge difference in my hair:

  • Limit shampooing. I shampoo my hair about every two days because the natural oils in my hair help keep my hair frizz free.
  • Condition, and lots of it. Even though I don’t shampoo my hair daily, I do condition it while Im in the shower and before I try my hair I apply some leave in conditioner.
  • Don’t touch it! Well obviously I can’t not touch my hair, but I limit how much I do so because it will cause my curls to be frizzy and uncurl. That means that I comb my hair with a wide tooth brush as soon as I get out of the shower and then apply a small amount of product, but I try to limit my contact with my hair.
  • Heat sucks! I try to stay away from the blowdryer and curling iron because the heat from these two really kills my curls. I typically sit at my desk (under a ceiling fan on high) while my hair drys naturally.

Thanks to these simple steps I was able to learn to love my curls! Had I not found some tips though that would help my learn how to handle my hair I don’t know what I would have done. Im excited to tell you that Suave has a website that helps you love your hair by sharing a bunch of really great beauty tips all on one website. You won’t just find great beauty tips either, you will also find product promotions and even more!

Be sure to stop by your local Walmart, your one-stop shop for all of your Suave needs!
suave hub 3

Oct 18

The car ride that changed it all // Part 3

(Please read Part 2 first)

I eventually ended up back at my general doctor begging him to help me. At this point he was offering me ANY medicines that I wanted, basically saying there was no more he could do. But since my mom was a addict I did not want to just take medicines to be able to stomach the day I wanted to be better, I wanted to be NORMAL again. Unfortunately I ended up leaving with even more medicines that he said would “reset my brain” and these medicines did make it all better because I ended up feeling HIGH. I was giggly, carefree, free of dizziness, and my emotions were completely numb. These drugs were typically used to treat depression and anxiety, which was weird because he made it clear that I had neither of the two.

I found myself taking these pills every time I left the house to keep myself from being sick while I was out in public, with these pills I was able to make it through the day. Thats not what I wanted though, I wanted to not have to take pills to make it through the day. In fact I didn’t want to just make it through the day, I wanted to LIVE again. At this point I was at a new low because all I wanted to do was sleep all day, which is basically all that I did while John was at work and the kids were at school because I just couldn’t stomach anymore. I had spent almost six years of my life in and out of doctors trying to find out why I was dizzy and why movement and loud noises made me so sick. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get a clue what was wrong. I spent hours doing silly exercises at the physical therapist. More importantly I lost almost 6 years of time that I should have been enjoying with my family.


By this time Kentucky laws were getting extremely strict on narcotic medicines and who they were given to, my doctor was not thrilled by this. In fact many times he told me that he would give me the medicines anyway. Until December 2013 whenever I received a letter in the mail from my doctors office informing me that my doctor and his parter were retiring effective immediately. This came as a huge shock because I was seeing him each month and he never once mentioned.

Thats when I realized I would have to see the new doctors at this office and most likely be sent to a ton of specialist again. As you can imagine I dreaded making a new appointment with this new doctor because of this. Upon meeting this doctor he quickly determined that he was getting me off of that medicine that was making me numb to the world and instead giving me something for my anxiety that will help.

Wait, for my anxiety? I did NOT have anxiety. Thats whenever I went over my symptoms and over the years of doctors and medicines that I had been through and how none of any of that helped me. Im sure he could tell I was completely unsure of his diagnosis of me having anxiety. Im totally normal and I don’t have anxiety, Im just sick.

No way he was right because I didn’t have anxiety because anxiety is for crazy people right?

So once again I was left asking…. What the heck was wrong with me?!



To be continued….

Oct 15

Sugar Cookie Monsters

Last Halloween I came across the cutest candy eyeball baking decorations that I have ever seen. I quickly made all sorts of sweets covered in eyeballs for Halloween. My kids got a kick out of the eyeballs, so whenever Halloween came around I tried to find more of these eyeballs but I could only find them in the bigger size (think nickel size) until the other day whenever I was shopping in World Market and came across a whole container of the smaller sized eye balls!

Sugar Cookie Monsters

Of course I swung by the grocery store and bought all of the supplies to make iced sugar cookies that would be turned into Sugar Cookies Monsters! This was the first time that I had ever iced any cookies so I bought prepackaged icing to use on top of my favorite sugar cookies. In all it was pretty easy to use, after I baked the cookies and let them cool I then applied the cookie icing and before the icing dried completely I topped them with orange sprinkles and the adorable candy eyeballs. Easy enough!
Sugar Cookie Halloween Monsters
One tip though, make sure that whenever you are icing the cookies that you are doing so on a flat surface. Somehow whenever I was making mine the plate that wasn’t completely flat on the counter (Ooops!).

Now I just need to find more things to top with these super cute eyeballs!

Oct 14

Looking sharp Jayde’s before / after

This post is sponsored by Global Influence, but as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!

I have terrible hair, like BAD hair. So whenever I had Jayde I was so worried that she would be cursed with my terribly curly and frizzy hair, to my surprise she was born with a head of full dark brown straight hair. Her hair has since lightened to a light brown color and her straight hair has turned slightly wavy, but minimal frizzies. So whenever she asked me about a month ago to bleach the tips of her hair to make a ombre effect I was a little sad because I knew what bleach does to hair.

Boy did I call it too because now her hair is significantly more frizzy, so I do everything that I can to her hair to make sure that it is healthy and smooth looking.

Below is the before picture where her hair is just air dried with no product in her hair, it basically has a mind of its own. Then there is the after photo where her hair looks smooth and shiny. Completely different. To keep her hair looking smooth she washes her hair every other day so that it does not get too dry. We also apply leave in condition to her hair and then I blow dry her hair on low heat, again to make sure that her hair doesn’t get dried out. Once her hair is dry I apply some anti frizz serum, and normally at this point her hair is pretty straight but I do go over her hair with a hair straightener on medium heat to fix any unruly hairs.
Before and after
Its really incredible what taking care of her hair can do to her hair, of course with the help some great hair products too.

If you have a really great before and after picture of your hair be sure share it at TRESemmé Offerpop to get a change to win a really awesome TRESemmee Prize Pack!


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