Dec 17

My Christmas List

This year the kids are totally getting spoiled with brand new Apple computers, so that basically means we will be skimping on ourselves. That being said, I decided I would just make a virtual list.

Emma sunglasses //Gold bar cart // Green Painterly Agenda // Crosley portable turntable // Metallic moccasins // Hot stuff thermal mug // Weekender handbag // 5th avenue chair // Lovely pouch // Keds Coral sneaker // Black and white plaid coat

Dec 16

Cardboard Safari

2-14 holiday gift guide banner Cardboard Safari provided me with a product in exchange for this post, however all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!
I have been eyeing these cardboard works of art from Cardboard Safari for quite a while now. Its so neat to see all of the products that they have created from cardboard, everything from skulls to deer and even a really cool iPad television stand!
I chose to go the “traditional” route and decided to get a Bucky Cardboard Deer Bust to hang in my living room. From the moment I saw these sets of animals and saw that these require some assembly similar to a puzzle I knew that Ethan would be the one who would love to assemble my deer. I was right too because whenever Bucky arrived and I explained to the kids what it was Ethan immediately asked to put him together, which was a good thing for me because I am terrible at putting things together. Within just a few minutes Ethan proudly came up to me and had our Bucky put together. Ethan has always been exceptional with putting things together, but I was still a little surprised that he was able to assemble it so quickly!FullSizeRender 37
We quickly hung Bucky in our living room right above our couch so that it is a focus point in our room. Personally I think it was what our room was missing. Now my only concern is do I keep Bucky white, or do I decoupage him to match the living room colors even better.
FullSizeRender 38
This is another one of those gifts that would be perfect for that hard to buy person on your list right now, plus they have some really great holiday deals on their site right now. So head over to today and grab one of their amazing cardboard gifts!

Dec 15

Activity Advent Days 9-14

I have been such a slacker lately, the holidays have really been keeping my busy.  But here is our advent so far, sans some images because to be honest I totally forgot to snap some!

Day 9: Make Ornaments
Well we ended up finding some really cool games at Goodwill and ended up playing games all evening.

Day 10: Do something nice for someone in the family

This one didn’t really go over as I had planned because my kids thought that by giving hugs that that would count, but it doesn’t. Needless to say we will be going back to talk about this one after the holidays.

Day 11: Laser tag and games with friends

Laser tag with friends ended up being a ton of fun, and as you can see even John go into it and played some air hockey with the kids.

Day 12: Scratch off tickets

My kids LOVE scratch off tickets, so I purchased three tickets for each kid. The only person who won was Chandler, and he won twice. It turns out that Chandler has had quite the streak of good luck lately!

Day 13: Mortal Kombat Tournament

We had to skip this one because two of the kids were acting out.

Day 14: Bake cookies and deliver to friends

Two of my kids decided that they refused to help. So Chandler and I had a blast listening to Christmas music and baking butter pecan cookies, peanut butter cookies and peppermint bark. We all packed the cookies and bark into cute bags and loaded up in the van to deliver them to friends.


As you can see our advent has been a little difficult this time, I blame it a lot of the ages of my kids. Hopefully the remaining days are much more fun!



Dec 15

Awesome Etsy Finds // gifts for everyone

Recycled Newspaper Pencil Set // Skills to pay the bills Mug // recycled circuit board // Rock’n’roll kitchen glove // Cooking Spoons // Color Block Mouse Pad // Tea Towel // Chalkboard United States Map // Mini DIY Farmers’ Cheese Kit // Hand lettered notepad // Gold Cast Iron Jacks Bookends // Muffin Top Scented Soy Candle // Seeker of Happiness // 2015 Planner // Tiny Air Plant on Amethyst Chunk // Minamalist Birdhouse // I’m gonna call you Dandelion // Sparkle Temporary Tattoos // The Story of Us Personalized Leather Journal // Bandit fox // Napkins Mind Your Manners set

Dec 13

Give your feet the comfort and style they deserve

2-14 holiday gift guide banner
Fibi & Clo recently sent me an adorable pair of their Barcelona Black shoes. Whenever these arrived I immediately noticed a difference between these shoes and the cheaper brands that I typically buy. I normally buy cheaper shoes because I figure if I do buy cheaper shoes I will be able to buy more styles, and up until now I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the shoes that I buy. That is until I put the Fibi & Clo shoe on my right foot and one of my other shoes on my left food in an effort to decide on which shoe to wear with my outfit. In that process I noticed that there is just a big difference in the two shoes besides the fact that the Fibi & Clo shoe look visibly nicer, these shoes were significantly more comfortable. Not to mention that these shoes are gorgeous and go well with almost all of my outfits!

Fibi & Clo not only sells stunning flats like the ones that I tried but they also sell gorgeous sandals that will be great for when the weather warms up some, and even some really pretty jewelry that will go nicely with your new Fibi & Clo shoes.

Don’t bother to wait for Christmas to get your hands one one of these pairs of shoes, go ahead and head to to chose the perfect pair for you!

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