Aug 28

Friday Favorites 17

Don’t kill me for posting pumpkin stuff already but this incredible crockpot pumpkin butter looks beyond delicious.

With Summer coming to an end already here Im saving this diy for gem sidewalk chalk for next year for us, but isn’t it just so cute?Gem sidewalk chalk

I love this back to school teacher gift because its something that would really show your childs new teacher that you care.

My family is full of bread eaters, given the right bread we could eat an entire loaf with nothing else on it. Which is probably why I found this easy crusty bread to look so delicious and easy enough that I could probably pull it off.

Speaking of delicious looking, this lemon chicken skillet would be perfect to have with some of that bread.

These grilled cheese bites look like something that my kids would just love. Perfect for an appetizer as well.

Finally some food you can play with, tetris cookies! Really cool right?DIY-tetris-cookies.-web-ready-8

I love cement used as decor and I love anything retro inspired, which is why I just love these cement Pacman magnets. Cement-Pacman-Magnets-Plaster-Disaster

Aug 26

Happy National Dog Day!

Here is the furry portion of our family, December. She’s totally and completely spoiled rotten by us. You wouldn’t have gotten me to believe 7 years ago that I would take this little dog everywhere I go and be completely in love with her, but I sure am. She’s so well behaved (now that she’s older and not a rambunctious puppy) and has finally decided that she wants to learn a few commands. My personal favorite is that she has learned to whisper for treats, Ethan will hold a treat and ask her to whisper and she will sit down and bark extremely lightly. I need to video this stat.

So today on National Dog Day I plan on spending a few extra minutes to play fetch a little longer today. How will you celebrate your dog today?

Aug 24

Banana pudding dip

I needed to make something for my husband to take to a fantasy football draft party and naturally he asked me to make the dessert that I almost always make, chocolate covered pretzels. Though to be honest Im totally grossed out by the thought of both making and eating any more chocolate covered pretzels. So I decided to make a twist on John’s very favorite dessert, banana pudding. I would have just went with traditional banana pudding but seriously, how boring is that? So I decided to make something that would be a little more football friendly, and the first thing that came to mind was dip. Banana pudding dip! Awesome right?! I know it was a risky move sending John with something that I had never made before to a place with so many people, but surely this had to winning dessert.Banana pudding dip


3 cups cold milk
2 packages of banana pudding mix
1-2 boxes of vanilla wafers
1 package of whip cream
3 bananas

Banana Pudding prep

Prepare your pudding mix as directed on the package. Begin your banana pudding dip by putting a layer of pudding. Peel your bananas and chop them into very small pieces and add a layer of these evenly on top of the other layer. Now add a layer of whip cream, make sure to try and keep your layers of pudding and whip cream about the same. Repeat these layers once more ending with a layer of whip cream. Now put about 8 cookies into a baggie and crush them into small crumbs (think bread crumbs) and sprinkle them atop of your dip and your done! Serve with vanilla wafers and enjoy!
Banana pudding dip

Aug 15

Lets conquer Back to School Like a boss! #BTSLikeABoss

With three kids there just never seems to be enough hours in the day. Between work, school, cooking, keeping the house semi normal looking and everything else I barely even get enough time with the kids. With back to school season in full swing I hardly have enough time to even prep completely for back to school. I try to have as many short cuts as possible, I even prep breakfast over the weekend and thaw it every morning so that I have extra time to guide the kids through getting themselves through the process of getting ready for school.
IMG_3771 Time is very important to me which is one reason I really love to shop for back to school at Walmart, I like being able to get everything I need in one place. I am able to buy all the items on the schools super long list of school supplies, along with all of the clothing necessities, food, and so much more. As you can see by my cart I picked up a few items that I forgot to purchase the very first that I went shopping, I also picked up some presents for Jaydes upcoming birthday (I got lucky and grabbed some brand new to the shelf toys!), soft food for Chandler and some household goods.
IMG_3775 Time is very important to me but so is giving back to my kids school, but as you can imagine money can be incredibly tight (which is another reason that Walmart is a huge help for me). I try to give back to the schools as much as possible but I would just love to do even more. Which is why I always try to buy products that include Box Tops. With the help of Box Tops your schools are able to buy much needed supplies.

While you are already saving time at Walmart by buying the brands that you trust why not pick up those same brands you love with Double Box Tops. You can find these box tops on Scott, Viva, and Kleenex through out fall only at Walmart.

Swing into your local Walmart to be sure that your home is stocked up on home essentials from the brands you trust the next time you are short on time. You know as well as I do that with Back to School comes a little chaos, calm that crazy with Kleenex® Tissues, Viva® Towels, Scott® Paper Towels and Scott® Bath Tissue. Since you’re already saving so much money by shopping these brands at Walmart go ahead, splurge and buy those nice mechanical pencils that the kids always beg for.

How do you do Back to School like a Boss? Share you secrets below!

Aug 15

Give a gift from the heart

When it comes to looking for a special gift for someone, the possibilities are nearly endless.  The truth is, though, there is something extra-special about buying something a gift with sentimental value.  A gift that means something more than the item itself is the kind of thing that the recipient will treasure long after they receive the gift.  Every time they look at it, wear it or use it, they will think of you and what a thoughtful gesture that was behind the gift. 209H

Although a sentimental gifts are appropriate for most occasions, there are some situations in which a gift from the heart, particularly made in Canada products, are even more special.  For example, when the special young person in your life graduates from high school, college or university, what do you give them as a gift?  Yes, you could give them money (and it would no doubt be appreciated) but why not give them something a little more from the heart?  A personalized gift, for example, is something that is a unique expression of who they are and what you think of them.  It says to them that you cared enough to take the time to find a gift that is truly special.  What’s more, these special gifts will be the kind of thing the young person will save and look back on as a special memento of that milestone in their life.

Weddings are also a great occasion for sentimental gifts.  Instead of simply heading to the couple’s wedding registry to purchase a blender or a set of dishes, why not think a little more outside the box and get them something more heartfelt?  Weddings are an emotional time, full of next steps and new beginnings both for the new couple and for their families.  Mark the occasion in a beautiful way by giving the couple something that celebrates their unique relationship?  From an engraved picture frame to a blanket featuring the names of the couple and their wedding date, there are so many options for personalized gifts for a couple.

Nothing is as momentous and special an occasion as the birth of a baby.  When a child is born, the parents are going to undoubtedly receive mountains of baby clothes, diapers and all of the things the baby needs.  Instead of going that route, give the new parents a gift that will surely stand out.  A personalized, sentimental gift that is meant just for the new bundle of joy will always remind the family of your thoughtfulness and your love for the new baby.

When it comes to giving a gift, there are no rules, but why gift a predictable gift when you can go with something from the heart that is meant just for that person?  Anyone can go to the mall and bring home a gift, but it takes extra thought and time to come up with a gift that is truly from the heart.  All of your effort will pay off in spades, however, when you give a gift that touches the heart of the person you love.

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