Jun 22


So much has changed here. Actually everything has really.

It all started when I was working for one of the larger reputable blogger programs as a Community Coordinator, that is until about a month ago. The program took added a new manager who in the end made my position unnecessary. Initially I was very upset because I had devoted over three years into this program and I felt a little betrayed. During that month without work as you can imagine things were chaos because we are a large family and really need the income from both of us to survive, especially because Austin is much more expensive than Louisville was.

During the month without work I went through a lot of soul searching because the thought of leaving the kids at home while I work outside of the home scares me. Thats when I realized that maybe its time that the kids help a little more around the house and become more independent so that I can find something outside of the home that will support us. Eventually I started liking the idea of working outside of the home because this means I will get out of the house more (a LOT more) and one thing I really despised about working from home was that I never got to have any adult interaction. The idea of working full-time has really set in and I would like to think I have embraced it fully.meandkids

Since I won’t be home as muchI will have little to no time to blog though. Right? Well I guess that only time will tell. I have felt for a while that things have gone “stale” here mostly because I have felt that I needed to keep up with the other bloggers. I feel like now I will only blog whenever I genuinely have something to say and not because I feel that I need to have content put up on my site. Less is more right?


I had to find a new doctor whenever we relocated, luckily for me she has been fabulous. I have had so many tests done in just a month or so, some of those tests were ones that I was avoiding because I was scared of the results. It turns out I had little reason to be worried because those tests came back fine. I did however get diagnosed with PCOS and pre-diabetes. The doctor put me on Metformin and suggested that I see the nutritionist asap.

I have been on the Metformin for just over a week now, and its has been rough because this medicine is totally messing up my stomach. But Im fighting and trying to get my health problems under control. Bonus: I have lost 8 pounds! Part of that is probably the medicine and part is probably that I am being more active. I have been going to the pool almost daily and having fun with the family. It turns out that getting away from my computer isn’t a bad thing. I had some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) but it really does feel nice to unplug and just enjoy the beauty of outside, and geez Austin has so much to enjoy.


Lets not forget that the boys start high school this year and Jayde will be in 8th grade. Those two things alone make me feel a little sick to my stomach… I CANNOT be the mom of kids this age.

Any who, I hope you’ll stick around to see what other crazy changes the future has in store for us. I do plan on documenting my journey with PCOS here whenever I get a free moment and have something decent to contribute here.

Jun 17

Awesome Etsy Finds // pins

pizza true love // rainbow // yas kween // CMYK // blue eye // Frida // white cat // feel the bern // cactus pin // jumanji // girl gang

Jun 06

Awesome Etsy Finds // pizza

slice of heaven onesie // pizza bowtie // dog collar // pizza scented candle // pizza pin // pizza confetti // pizza phone case // buy me pizza shirt // pizza my heart cart

Jun 02

7 potato salads that you will fall in love with

Grill season at last! For us we have a few grill staples like grilled corn, baked beans, grilled veggies and of course potato salad. My oldest son has fallen in love with traditional potato salad, so much that he could probably take down a whole bowl of it. But lets face it, potato salad becomes boring after a while so I took to Pinterest as I always do and found seven potato salad recipes that are going to make it into my meal plan asap!

Southwest roasted potato salad // avocado potato salad // spicy dijion potato salad // german potato salad // southern style potato salad // loaded baked potato salad // chipotle potao salad

Jun 01

A Guide To Enhancing Your Child’s Development

If you want to enhance your child’s development, there are quite a few things you can do at home to help them. Helping them develop faster can help them to excel in school and life in general. Just bear in mind you can’t rush children to develop any faster than they want to. Many of them do it at their own pace. That being said, these tips can help you to help them:

Read Books To Them

Reading books to your children from a really early age can be great for their development. They can develop so many skills, and all they have to do is listen to you tell a story. Their listening skills will improve, and when they are old enough, you can help them develop speaking skills by encouraging them to speak to you. Not to mention reading skills if they read along! They may even develop their imagination and creativity thanks to some of the stories you read. Books can offer many life lessons too. Reading to them from an early age will encourage them to continue later on in life, so make sure you get them into good habit.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.49.05 PM

Show Them Helpful Games

There are lots of helpful games out there they can play that will teach them good stuff. You can use sites like gameadvice.org to work out what is OK for them to play. By making sure they play these games when using a tablet or on the computer, they’ll be learning at the same time as having fun.

Play Games With Them

By playing games with them, you’ll bond at the same time as helping them develop. So many classic games are good for this, including games like Monopoly and Scrabble. Try them and see how far your child comes after a few games!

Buy Them Special Toys

Instead of buying them toys that don’t do much or get thrown to the wayside, buy them toys designed to enhance learning and development. There’s nothing wrong with having toys purely for fun of course, but investing in toys that help them to learn is great for their future development.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.49.17 PM


Encourage Their Creativity

Encouraging a child’s creativity is really important for their happiness. We were all made to create to some extent, whether it’s writing stories and poems, drawing pictures, building model trains – anything! Encourage them to try lots of different things, and don’t criticize them for getting it ‘wrong’. There is no wrong way to create!

Encourage Their Independence

Encouraging your child’s independence is great for them too. How about letting them do something really simple, like choosing their own clothes in the morning? Something as simple as that could give them a sense of freedom and help them develop in other ways.

Do as many of these things as you can to encourage your child’s development and make them a well rounded individual with their own strong personality. You should find they do better in school when you’re consistent with these tips!

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