May 27

Sonic Slush this time with candy treats

Sonic invited us to try their new Candy Slush flavor combinations. However as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!

Sonic slush headquarters As soon as I heard that sonic had some new treats I had to try them, after all it gave me an excuse to get some of their tater tots that I love so much! These new treats are a twist on their classic Slushes that features candy bits of Jolly Ranchers, Nerds or Popping Candy. Sonic has two special mixes created by Kevin Durant, The Game Changer which is Lemonberry with Nerds and The All Start which is Blue Raspberry with Nerds

Since the were so many of us we all tried something different and then tasted everyone else. We tried The Game Changer, The All Star, Strawberry with Jolly Rancher bits and, Pineapple with Jolly Rancher Bits. It was no surprise that we all enjoyed the two slushes created by Kevin Durant, and the Strawberry was really good as well. However the pineapple with Jolly Rancher bits was not very good, it lacked flavor which I was pretty bummed by. Luckily for me though Chandler tried the pineapple and fell in love with it so I got to drink his Strawberry slush and it was amazing.

While we were there we also picked up some dinner and Ethan and I got brave and tried the extra long chili cheese dog, and it was SO good. Not to mention it was HUGE, I think that I could have split one with Ethan and we both would have been stuffed!

Don’t tell the other kids, but we liked the Slushes so much that we visited Sonic the following day at Happy Hour to get more slushes at half price. Which is how I recommend that you do it as well, you get the same amount of delicious treats for half the price! In fact the money that you save during happy hour you can spend getting your hands on some of those delicious tater tots!

Check out to see what deals Sonic is having and what time Happy Hour is for your location.

May 26

Netflix’s Between // Is it worth the watch?

I sat down to watch Netflix yesterday and saw that another Netflix Original series had been added, and I immediately squealed. So far I have have loved almost every single one of the Netflix Originals! This one is slightly different though because the episodes will be released weekly versus all in one batch. Im not sure how I feel about this because I really love binge watching on Netflix, but then again I also like to have something to look forward to each week. Not to mention this will officially put Netflix in the game with the cable providers!

This new series Between is a doomsday series geared towards teens. The storyline is about a mysterious disease has hit the small town of Pretty Lake and the members of this town quickly realize that this mysterious disease only affects people over 22.  Now this group of teenagers must find a way to survive without any adults while being quarantined in this small ten mile radius town.

Now keep in mind that I am only basing this review off the first episode. Surprisingly I found myself not really relating with Jennette McCurdy as the main character Wiley, because I have seen her as the Disney characters that I have loved over the years with my children (Sam & Cat and iCarly). Which is probably why I couldn’t see her playing a pregnant high school teen. Hopefully I will get past this because I like her as an actress. Other than her not a single other character stuck out to me in this episode.

The storyline is pretty decent. A mysterious disease strikes a small town and is only affecting the people who are over 22, at least from what we can tell this far in the story. They built up that the rich family who’s mother dies will play the villain in this series which is pretty predictable. I don’t understand the virus completely other than that anyone over 22 can die at any second without zero warning. Can you imagine being 21 and having a birthday coming up in this town? Yikes! Without giving any spoilers, we were left with a cliffhanger which is both frustrating and guarantees that I will be watching this again next week to see what happens.

In all if you enjoy doomsday style movies you have to check this one out because it absolutely has some potential.

New episodes will of Between will be available on Netflix every Thursday at 11:30pm and in the meantime the first episode titled “Schools out” is available now!

May 25

Menu plan 5/25 // Free printables

menu plan
MONDAY Salads and fruit

TUESDAY Split pea soup

WEDNESDAY Grilled ham and cheese and raw veggies

THURSDAY Grilled jerk chicken and brussels sprouts


SATURDAY Hot dogs and baked beans

SUNDAY Sweet and sour chicken with edamame

One of the ways that I like to keep myself organized is by writing everything down and of course my menu is no exception. It KILLS John that I write things down, he is forever telling me to just input it on our calendars on our phones and I totally do but there is just something about writing things down that makes them stick for me. I like to keep it simple though, which is why I made this printable (which is totally free for you to download below).
Menu plan colorful layout

Pastel Menu Plan download // Greyscale Menu Plan Download // Deep Pastel Menu Plan Download // Dark Menu Plan Download // Bright Menu Plan Download


May 24

My favorite girly fonts

I love fonts. Especially free fonts. Since I am forever downloading new fonts I think that I am going to start sharing some of my favorite fonts. I mean, a girl can never have too many fonts right?
Best Free Girly FontsBrayden // Eyes wide open // Always Forever // Hello Heartache // Dinosaurs Are Alive // Just for giggles // I Love Glitter

May 23

Awesome Etsy Finds // Vintage

Elm Ave street sign // Vintage yellow bowls // Pac Man mug // Danish teak desk // Tiny advertising pins // Chrome tubular candler holders // Round mirror

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