Mar 27

Friday Favorites #3

I seriously can’t believe that Im already writing my Friday Favorites again, this week just flew by! I seriously did not get nearly enough work done this week, but maybe I will get lucky and the kids will give me a break and I can get something done!

Onto my favorites from this week…

This treehouse home is literally a treehouse and is all kinds of amazing!

I really enjoyed this 5 blogging lessons we can learn from The Walking Dead, not only is it zombie related but it is also blogging related so its a win-win in my book!

This post has some really great blogging related websites that every website all bloggers should know. I found a bunch of new websites from this post!

One of my favorite treats that I can’t seem to get enough of is carrot cake, which is probably why this Carrot cake cookie bars look so amazing to me! When I go shopping today Im going to have to get the supplies to make these, who cares if no one else in the house likes carrot cake… more for me!

Yes, its another The Walking Dead themed blog post, but this post of Carol’s Cookies is so cute! Im thinking about making some of these for The Walking Dead season finale this Sunday, I think Jayde would get a huge kick out of these.
Carols Cookies

These Galaxy Easter Eggs are such a fun take on traditional Easter eggs!
Galaxy Easter Eggs

Im going to be all over this how to clean up your blog post this weekend. It has been a really long time since I have really “cleaned” up my blog, and the time is now!

Getting your site mobile friendly is even more important than ever according to Google, and this post will really help you understand just what that means!

Mar 26

Awesome Etsy Finds // Wall art

Best version of you // Cactus Chart // Life is short // To the moon and back // Numbers print // Peter Pan Art // Eat your vegetables // Sun Mountains // She Designed a Life She Loved // Not all who wander are lost

Mar 25

Delicious kielbasa skillet

My kids are weird. Weird in the fact that one of their very favorite meals that I make is my kielbasa and cabbage, which happens to also be one of my favorites as well except sometimes I feel the need to dress it up. So the other night I came across this skillet meal on Pinterest that caught my eye and I knew I could twist it around into a really delicious version of it with kielbasa and cabbage in mind.

Easy Kielbasa skillet dinner

Thats when I came up with this delicious kielbasa skillet that is now one of our favorite meals! The kids ate all of it and I even found myself and Chandler gathering around the pan after dinner fighting over the remnants of dinner. I hope that you give this a try (even though it doesn’t photograph well) and that your family likes it as much as mine did.

Delicious Kielbasa Skillet

3 large potatoes diced and cooked in the oven
1 large onion
1/2 green pepper
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
1/3 head of cabbage
4 teaspoons butter
salt and pepper (optional)

  • Chop your kielbasa into thin slices, along with your onions and peppers and combine in a skillet with your butter.
  • Begin cooking at medium while you chop your cabbage.
  • Add your cooked potatoes and your cabbage to your skillet.
  • Simmer until your cabbage is cooked and soft.
  • Salt and pepper to your liking and enjoy!

Mar 24

28 ways to get your Spring cleaning started

28 ways to get your spring cleaning started

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How to Clean Your Wood Deck // How to Clean and Freshen a Mattress // How to Clean Grime off of Your Tiles // Clean Orange Water Stains // Magic carpet cleaner // Best Way to Clean Your Oven Vent Filters // Washing Stuffed Animals // Clean Your Curling Iron // Remove scratches on plates // Cleaning your keyboard // How to Easily Clean an Iron

How to clean window tracks // Deep clean your Dyson // How to clean your waffle iron // Getting rust spots off of silverware // Easy Window Cleaning tip // How to Remove Scratches on Leather // How to Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine

Mar 23

iPhone photos lately 3/23

Chandler had an event for his robotics class very early last Saturday morning. John and I were so excited to watch Chandler’s robot compete against the robots from the other schools. While we did not understand what was going because the event was very loosely coordinated and the scores were messed it up still was a lot of fun just getting some time seeing what Chandler had been working so hard at.

I finally broke down and got myself motivated (with the help of Chandler) and started walking again. I had completely forgotten how much I really enjoyed walking with the family, how really refreshing it feels to get out and sweat a little. As you see Jayde really enjoyed rollerskating while we walked and Chandler enjoyed taking photos of it all, as for Ethan well he would prefer to spend his time with his friends.

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