May 30

How to Feng Shui your bedroom? How to practice the technique?



Feng Shui, as the name suggests, is the Chinese ancient method that’s been used since ages to bring harmony in our surrounding to balance the yin and yang. Yin refers to the soft, calm, and serene energy whereas yang refers to the loudness, alertness, and brightness in our environment.

By Feng Shui-ing your room, you create a calm and cool setup that not only helps you relax but also facilitate sound sleep. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings by  enhancing the balance of yin and yang.

So here’s some ways to feng-shui your room;

Tackle the Technology

Technology is a blessing but it has a few side effects too. One of the major side effects is that people have trouble sleeping because of the blue light that emerges from different devices. Well, the solution is to control or limit the use of technology to a certain area in your room.

Gym in the bedroom is a big no 

Having exercising equipment in the room is a big no as it reminds you of doing something even when you are just relaxing in the room. So gyms are important in the house to keep you fit but you can always go for a few exercising machines outside the bedroom.

There should be books in the room (but selected)

Books are always welcomed in the room but only very selective. If you have books related to your work or studies, they will remind you of the pending tasks or remaining topics. Such reminders can create anxiety which is not good for your health. So it is important to keep books but be very specific about the types of books you put in the room.

Don’t bring work in the bed

The work environment is changing. Most people now bring their work back home with them. Now if you spend hours on your bed working rather than relaxing or sleeping, you are actually polluting the bed. So no work on the bed, at least. It is good to have a side corner in the room and use it for reading or working.

No Cluttered clothes, accessories, books, shoes etc

Clutter is not a good addition in the room at all. It is good to work on inculcating the habit of being clean and neat. If you have everything in place and your room is perfect, it will look and feel calm and cool.

Only soft breathable cotton Bed Sheet Sets

If the bed sheet sets used on your bed are not breathable or thick in fabric, there is a fair chance that you may sweat while sleeping, which is not a good thing. So ensure that you only buy soft breathable cotton bed sheet sets.

Now it is hard to find a pure material in the market when it comes to bed sheet sets. That’s why we will point out the ultimate online shop,, to get the right bed sheet sets online in Australia. Here you will find some of the finest quality bed sheet sets from renowned brands. Other preferred online stores to buy bed sheet sets in Australia are and

May 29

What are 6 elements of a mature bedroom to consider in a redo or DIY?


What are 6 elements of a mature bedroom to consider in a redo or DIY?

Maturity is something that has no age. People can achieve it anytime. Also, it is a very subtle process, you don’t realize while entering the years of maturity. Interestingly, you can see the signs of maturity in the personality and different aspects of life.

One biggest area where a person’s preferences change is the bedroom. You automatically tend to choose designs and colors that are delicate and understated. The order of the room changes as you age. Well, it is part of life and you should embrace it as it may come.

We have gathered following traits of a mature bedroom, here we go;

Calm Colors and Shades

Usually, the base color of the room is very subtle. It falls into grays, neutrals, whites, and creams. The best thing about these colors is that they absorb the other elements of the room gracefully. They complement each aspect of the area in such an elegant way that you can’t stop but appreciate the qualities of these soothing shades.

Also, calm colors serve well in creating a serene and cool environment in the room which helps in sleeping and relaxing.

Light and Dark Combination 

Windows are essential in a well-formed bedroom. Their main purpose is to bring in the natural light in the room. Now if you cover the windows with heavy curtains, you will stop the light entirely and if you leave them open, the sunlight will bother you to no limit.

So going for midway is the right way to approach a bedroom. A wooden shutter on windows is a great way to create a balance of light and dark in the room. Again, this combination is good for making your room serene and calm.

Relaxing Bed

The hero of your room is the bed for you at least because you like to sleep and relax on it. So investing in the right type of bed is important. It shouldn’t be too small that you don’t have enough space to stretch your body and not too big for the room as to occupy most of the space in the room.

But a nice and good bed indicates that a person likes to invest in personal comfort which is very important as you grow.

As tech-free as can be

Your laptop, mobile, tablet, and any other sort of gadget is hurting your sleep. The blue light emerging from these devices will interfere with your sleep. So don’t even bring these technologies to your room and if you bring them in, keep them away from your bed area.

No clutter is always easy on eyes

Clutter is the worst enemy of the interior design. So keeping things in their places is a work a mature person only.

Quilts, a necessity and design element

Similar to bed, good quilts also serve a purpose in sound sleep. So you should try different brands until you find the one that suits your skin. is an online shop which offers online quilts in Australia in plenty of designs for sale. You can also check other online stores to buy quilts online in Australia like IZZZ to find out the more quilt for the bedrooms of your home sweet home.

Mind it, quilts serve as a design element in the room too. So you should focus on every feature of the quilts before making the purchase deal.

May 28

Six bathing suits that won’t break the bank

I haven’t bought a bathing suit in ages because we didn’t have access to a pool or beach while living in Louisville but the second we moved to Austin I went on the bathing suit hunt. To my surprise those tiny pieces of fabric are ridiculously expensive! Forty bucks for a basic one piece at Target?? What?!

I know, apparently I have been living under a rock or something. Ultimately I ended up getting a semi- cute one piece for $40. But you better believe that as soon as I got home I took to the internet to find some cute bathing suits… Not only did I find some really cute bathing suits but they were all WAY cheaper than the suits I was looking at. Unbelievable.

Star Wars one peice // Mermaid 2 piece // PacMan one piece // Backless one piece halter // Vintage pinup bikini // High waist bikini

May 27

Don’t Ever Buy Him Socks Again After Seeing These Gift Ideas!

A lot of the time we end up buying the men in our lives socks as we don’t have a clue what to get them. But believe us when we say they hate them, because they receive so many! Here are some gift ideas that they really want for your anniversary.  

Don't Ever Buy Him Socks Again After Seeing These Gift Ideas!


Anything electronic

Men love anything electronic that they can have a go on. Whether it’s a new phone or an electric plane, they will not be able to resist having a play with the fun new gadget. Therefore, why don’t you buy him a fun gadget that he will use with the rest of the family. You can head to the shops and find him a cool new gadget, or you can check online to see what’s trending. Remember to check what he’s got before you buy him something.

A movie ticket

You should consider getting your other half a movie ticket as a gift if they are a fan of going to the cinema. If you know there is a film coming up this year he would love to see, then it would be ideal to give him a movie ticket. You could go with him to see the movie, or you could get him a spare ticket so he can go with a friend. He typically only gets a chance to go with you and the kids so it will be a nice change for him to see an action film such as the new Independence day!

A concert ticket

Another thing you man would really like for your anniversary is a concert ticket so he can see his favorite band. Research online to see if any of them are playing not far from your home. You might want to buy a spare ticket so you can go with him or he could take a friend with him. If he doesn’t have a particular band he likes, you could get him a ticket to see a comedian. It’s a great night out and a chance to enjoy himself.


You will be surprised to know that he would prefer some food to socks any day! It could be as simple as a takeaway as men love one but don’t often get a chance to have one. As it says in this article, they will be happy if you pick up a take away as a gift. Or you could get them a delicious food hamper which they can enjoy on their own. After all, any treats in the house will usually get consumed by the kids! You can find more food gifts online when looking for an anniversary gift for him.

A tour around a football ground

Another unique gift he will love is a tour around his favorite football ground. He might not have had a chance to go before so a tour around there will be fantastic. To top it off, you could arrange for him to watch a game after which will be extra special as he’s just had a closer look at the ground. You could go with him, or you could arrange for him to go with a friend to the ground.

A poem

You will be surprised to know that guys are soppier than we thought. They like to know you love them, so why not get creative and write him a poem. Write about everything you love about him and prepare for them to smile when they open it. It’s something unique that he will keep in a safe place and will look at when he needs a boost.


Next time you head to buy some socks, turn around and go to the beer aisle. It might seem a boring gift, but guys love to have some beer to enjoy during the weekend. You could even give him a subscription where he will receive different brews every month to try. You could even get him a gift of going to a brewery or even a beer festival with a friend so he can try new beers.

A watch

Another item that your man will love for your anniversary is a watch. It’s a fantastic gift that they can use all-year-round. Men always misplace their watches, so it’s definitely something he needs. Make sure you buy a watch which will fit with most of the outfits he wears. You could even get it personalized by adding his initials and the date on the back of the watch. It will make it even more special, and he will love it.

Don't Ever Buy Him Socks Again After Seeing These Gift Ideas!


When he opens his gift, he will be happy it’s not another pair of socks to go in the drawer!


May 25

Things You Have to Remember When Trying to Plan a Child’s Birthday

One of the biggest days in a kid’s year is their birthday. In order for this day to be special, a parent will have to take the time to plan out in detail their birthday party. There are so many things that will have to be decided when attempting to have a successful birthday party. Finding a fun place for kids to play Montreal that can also double as a party venue is important. Below are some of the things that have to be considered when trying to plan a great kid’s birthday party.

Avoid Going to Overboard

The biggest mistake that most new parents make when it comes to a child’s birthday party is going overboard. While this occasion is a reason for celebration, a person needs to avoid going too over the top. The best way to avoid this is by setting a budget before the planning even begins. Having this type of budget in place will allow a person to avoid overextending themselves and paying for it later. If you go too overboard one year, you will have to worry about how you will top it in the years to come.

Do Not Procrastinate

Some people have a very bad habit of putting party planning on the back burner until the last minute. Doing this can put a lot of undue stress on a parent and can result in the party being subpar. Getting a jump on the planning will allow you to have everything ready when the party rolls around. When trying to book a party venue that is popular, you will have to do it well in advance to ensure you get the date that you want without any issues.


Take Advantage of Early RSVP

Among the biggest issues a parent will have when planning a birthday party is knowing how many people will show up. The best way to take the mystery out of this is by sending out invitations early and encouraging people to RSVP. By doing this, you will be able to find out about how many people will show up. Having this information will allow you to get the right amount of food and party favors without having to worry. Be sure to get some extra food and party favors to be prepared just in case a few more people show up.

The more planning you are able to do for your party, the better off you will ultimately be. Finding the right venue is important and will take some time and effort on your behalf.

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