Oct 03

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown DVD //GIVEAWAY

In Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (AND DON’T COME BACK!!) Charlie Brown, Linus, Peppermint Patty and Marcie are chosen as – you guessed it! – exchange students, destined to spend two weeks in France. Of course, Snoopy and Woodstock join the French odyssey, which turns out to be a combination of mystery, intrigue, and romance coupled with the usual misadventures that seem to follow Charlie Brown wherever he goes!BVCB_2014_DVD_3D

This adorable movie will come out on DVD on October 6th so be sure to add this to your list when your out shopping this week.

Be sure to enter below to win a copy of your own!

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Oct 02

Friday favorites 20

I currently have five pumpkins on my front porch that are completely plain because I cannot decide what to do with them. If I had some fun colored tissue paper I might try to pull of this tissue covered pumpkin.DIY-tissue-paper-pumpkin1

Im supposed to be eating healthier (as always) and this blackened chicken tenders look so delicious!

One of the reasons that I love fall so much is because of all of the delicious fall foods. I especially love soups, and this quinoa tortilla soup

Growing up I always had a ton of stuffed animals and often times they just got shoved into a corner or at the end of my bed. That just the same with my daughter, hers are currently shoved into bins under her bed. This stuffed animal zoo looks easy enough and would be a great solution!

Another thing that I really love is chocolate dipped pretzel especially ones that are as adorable as these spooky Halloween ghost pretzels.

Sep 29

Halloween Hot Chocolate Spoons

Every since we bought our Keurig the kids have made having a cup of hot chocolate almost a daily thing. I have to say that their favorite type has to be the Target brand salted caramel hot cocoa, sadly though I bought up the last of packages of it on clearance over the summer. That means that I have to find a way to make the traditional hot cocoa just as delicious. What better way to fancy up some hot chocolate than to stir it with a season themed chocolate dipped spoon! Halloween Hot Cocoa spoons
Melting Chocolate (I prefer Ghirardelli)
Halloween sprinkles

Melt your chocolate as directed on the package.
Dip your spoon into the chocolate to only cover the tip of the spoon.
Quickly top with as many sprinkles as you want.
Let cool until chocolate is solid.
Stir your hot chocolate or warm drink and enjoy!

I used disposable spoons because I had these really cool color change spoons, otherwise I would have just used my regular spoons. However these would make really cute gifts along side of a hot cocoa mix! Halloween Hot chocolate spoon

Sep 28

Menu 9/28

menu plan

MONDAY Spaghetti and garlic bread

TUESDAY Meatball subs

WEDNESDAY  Shepherds pie

THURSDAY Build your own salad bar

FRIDAY French bread pizza

SATURDAY Build your own baked potato bar
Breakfast pizza
Last week I asked John if he could have anything for breakfast and he asked for a breakfast pizza. I was little nervous because I have never made one from scratch and from my own recipe, but I was able to pull it off and blow his mind. I contribute most of my success to the fact that I used sausage gravy as the sauce base. YUM!

Sep 21

DIY Halloween sundae bar

The J.M. Smucker Company sent me free product samples and asked me to blog about this product. However as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!


SmuckersYou may have saw my post where I swing into Walmart to grab all of the supplies that I needed to make a spur of the moment Halloween Sundae Bar for the kids and their family, well this is the post where I show you all of the goodies that I got and how we turned them into delicious sundaes.
Once we picked up all of our goodies Chandler helped me get our table set to hold all of our goodies. I sprinkled the table with the super cheap confetti that I picked up from Walmart but I made sure to only sprinkle it on my table runner so that I could just pick up the table runner and dump the confetti in the garbage whenever I was done, minimal mess made. I also filled small storage containers with dummies, chocolate candy, candy corn and chopped nuts so that once we were done I would be able to just pop the lids on these containers and have very little clean up. I also pulled out three different kinds of sprinkles, of course including the sprinkle eyeballs which are my personal favorite. I put all three of the chosen flavors of Smucker’s ice cream syrup out in their original containers along with spoons to serve them with. I also included these cute ice cream cone bowls along with some Halloween themed sandwich cookies and some marshmallow ghosts. Smuckers Halloween ice cream barNow it is time to reveal the Halloween Ice cream Sundae bar to the kids…

There was some Oohing and Aahing and then silence as each person made their own sundae creation. Most of the kids were fairly conservative with their choices and only chose hot fudge syrup and minimal toppings, but when it came to me I went all out with caramel syrup, sprinkles, nuts and cookies. That was my first one though because I had actually never tried strawberry syrup before and I just had to try it, so I made a smaller second sundae with strawberry syrup and nuts which is now my all time favorite sundae!

My Halloween Ice Cream Sundae bar was not only easy to shop for but easy to set up, enjoy and clean up after! Take a moment to have a spontaneous ice cream sundae bar, I promise your family will be surprised and enjoy it!

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