Apr 28

Change a life // Be the Match 

I was listening to the radio a week or two ago and they were telling a story about a little girl who badly needed a bone marrow transplant. It was super sad because she was a year old and only had a few weeks to find a donor. 

I thought to myself, how sad. Partly for the child who hadn’t gotten a chance at life but also for the parent who might have to feel the pain of losing a child. But really, the kid is in Florida and I’m in Texas, and I mean I don’t have time to take off for a long time for recovery if I attempted to find out if I was a match. 

The story stuck with me though. 

So the next morning I heard that very same story once again on the radio whenever I was listening to the radio the following day.  It was a sign right? So I finally took a moment to see just what was involved in donating, so I went to the Be The Match website. 

I’ll be honest after quickly looking over the site I’m totally a little mad that I hadn’t taken a second to look at what it actually meant to donate bone marrow. I mean if this were one of my children or loved ones I would certain hope that people would give it a try.  

In all it super easy. Go to the site. Type in your info. They’ll send you some long q-tip like swabs in the mail and all you have to do is swab your mouth and mail it back to them. From there you just wait and hope that you are a match.  

The actual donation process isn’t as scary as it sounds and will be over before you even know it. In fact in some cases it just a matter of drawing some blood. 

Easy peasy right?

I mean, wouldn’t you want someone to do this for you? 

Apr 25

Blogging or lack of 

I have been a terrible blogger, because I haven’t written an actual post in almost a year. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Honestly it was more like How do you catch up from almost a years worth of posts that should have been written? I mean a lot of stuff can happen in that period of time and with my memory I can hardly remember any of it. 

I didn’t want this place to get stale and go unseen  so I’m making a jump to catch up somewhere where I left off. 

Some things that have happened since we last “spoke”. 

Ethan finally got his braces off and now has a gorgeous smile. 

Jayde got braces on and is working on getting her back teeth straightened out. Her smile has always been nice, luckily for her. 

Chandlers website and Mobcrush pages have gotten super popular. You should really check them out. I’m pretty proud of him. 

I started working for Apple as a Learning Expert (a fancy name for a virtual set up helper). 

I stopped working at Apple. Not enough business to warrant my employment.  This sucked but I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and I’m excited to see what the future has in store.  

I started working for a new place as a Nest support agent. Currently on day 2 of training (go me!). 

John is still growing out his hair and it is super duper long. Though I really think that he’s only growing it out because the kids dislike it. I pretend to not like his long hair, but now that it’s longer it’s starting to curl and is kind of cute (just don’t tell him that I said that). 

I spend a good chunk of my free time drawing on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. It has rekindled my love of drawing. Maybe one day I’ll post some of my stuff here, who knows. 

I really can’t think of much else, though like I said it’s been so long and my memory is shot.  I will share some pictures from this past year.

Mar 21

Expectations Of Motherhood

When you’re pregnant for the first time, your mind begins to wonder. The “pregnancy brain” aids and abets you in this. You wonder what your baby will be like. Will they be a doctor? A police officer? A writer? A poet? Will they be shy or outgoing, confident or more reserved?

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.00.48 PM.png

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Naturally, in the midst of all this, you begin to imagine what having a baby is going to be like. You skip over the whole birth aspect and right to those first few months, when you have your baby in your arms and know that your life is changed forever. You wonder what it will be like. And of course, you begin to build a vivid imagination, brimming with expectations of the what this new world will be like for you.

Then, post-birth, the reality sets in – and it’s not quite like you imagined it would be!


Expectation: You’re going to be tired. Everyone knows that parents of newborns struggle for sleep, delving into the depths of sleep deprivation in ways that the human body was never meant to be able to sustain. You’re expecting it and you’re prepared for it.

Reality: The tiredness is like a vice, closing around you, relentless. You know you’d be tired, but you didn’t realize how bone-deep exhausted you were going to be. It’s a shock to the system and, at the worst points, makes you evaluate those plans to bring siblings into your baby’s life one day.


Expectation: Motherhood is not going to fundamentally change who you are on an outside level. You’re still going to have time to see your friends, do your makeup, and indulge in things that you enjoy. You’ll still be you.

Reality: Of course you’ll still be you – but that fundamental shift is going to happen. You’ll find yourself preferring the idea of sitting over a cot watching your little one sleep to going out for a night with the girls. And surprisingly, you’ll be completely okay with that. You’ll still have time for the things you used to do, but they will no longer hold the same lure.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.01.22 PM.png

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Expectation: Your baby (and as they age, your toddler) will be dressed in the most amazing clothes that money can buy. They’re going to look absolutely and totally adorable. You’re going to hit every baby boutique that you can find, and spend hours lovingly dressing them up and helping them to learn their own appreciation for clothes.

Reality: Clothes don’t last thanks to the endless cycle of washing that they have to go through. Babies are amazing, but they’re messy little creatures. Not only is food going to end up on those stunning clothes, but playtime introduces the possibility of paint and crayon stains. You might be able to preserve a pristine look for awhile, but it’s not going to last!


Expectation: Despite the occasional drawback and sleepless night, you’re going to love it. Every single moment is going to be worth it when you see your baby smile at you.
Reality: Exactly as you thought.

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Mar 21

Dogs: The Perfect Thing To Help Your Children Learn And Grow

You want the best for your children. You’ve probably spent time in the past extensively researching different things that can help them to learn, grow, and become better as they age. But did you know that a dog can be the perfect thing to help your children do just that? There are so many benefits for your children when you get a dog, providing you spend time choosing the perfect kind of dog for their ages, your budget, and your situation. Read on to find out more!

Dogs Can Help Your Children Improve A Number Of Skills

Did you know that dogs can help your children to improve a number of skills? You can see this happening before your very eyes when you watch your children and dog play and interact. Scientific studies back this up! Amongst other things, your children will have improved:

  • Empathy skills
  • Social skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Coping skills
  • Self esteem
  • Responsibility
  • Stress management
  • Confidence

These studies show that the closer the connection your children have with their dog, the more emphasized the benefits become. Providing you properly train the dog, as well as your child on how to act around the dog, they should have a long and happy relationship.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.57.32 PM.png


Caring For A Dog

Your children will want to help you to care for your dog. This will give them a sense of responsibility that they’ve never had before, as well as a boost in confidence from the praise for getting it right. Giving them responsibilities like this also shows them that you trust them. It’ll make them feel really good about themselves! It’s no wonder that kids with dogs have higher levels of confidence and self esteem. Even if you just give them the job of giving the dog their k9 advantix ii, it’ll help them to develop strong nurturing skills that will stick with them. They’ll turn into amazing adults as they take these skills with them later on in life!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.58.12 PM.png


Life Experiences

Not only will your children learn and grow from all of the aforementioned things, they’ll also enjoy many new life experiences from having a dog. They’ll meet new people, go new places, and they may even experience some sad things. Occasionally, a dog is the first death a child experiences. This can be very upsetting, but it can also teach them a lot and give you a chance to help them prepare for it later on in life.

A dog is the perfect thing to help your children learn and grow. Not only do they make a brilliant learning aid, they also become a much valued member of the family. Make sure that you’re prepared to keep your dog anywhere from 6-15 years. You need to ensure you have the space, time, and budget. Once you’re sure of that, you can select the perfect breed for your lifestyle. Then, the fun can really start. What are your thoughts on letting kids have a dog? Leave them below! Thanks for reading!

Mar 21

Samsung Vs. iPhone: When Two Phones Go To War

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.55.10 PM.png

Photo: Pexels

Time to buy a new phone for yourself or a family member? There are lots of different makes and models in phone shops these days, and the choice can be a little overwhelming. But there are only really two brands that you should be considering: Samsung and the iPhone. These two are the kings of smartphones and are the two best-selling types on the market.

Can’t decide between these two big names? At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preferences. But, to help you decide, here are some things that you should also consider.

Apple’s Chargers

There is one thing that all iPhone and Mac users always complain about – the poor quality of the chargers! These important accessories only last for a year at best before they start to fray and, eventually, snap. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were really cheap to replace, but the complete opposite is true. If you need a new iPhone charger, you will find that you end up paying through the nose for one!

Samsung’s Fire

Samsung got a lot of really bad press recently after it was reported that its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were huge fire risks. The batteries were overheating and would cause the phone to either explode or set alight! Obviously, this is not what you want from a phone. If you don’t fancy your phone sparking into flames in your handbag, you might be better off with an iPhone!

General Repairs

People who are quite hands-on and like to tinker around with things won’t enjoy owning an iPhone. They are made in such a way that it is very hard for owners to get inside to fix them themselves. If something does go wrong with your iPhone, you will need to take it to an official iPhone repair company. You don’t need to go to this trouble if you own a Samsung phone. These are often easy enough to get into and fix on your own.

Apple Chic

Do you want a phone that will help improve your street cred? If so, then you should go for an iPhone. All of the products from Apple, such as the iPhone, Mac Air, and iPad all have a very cool reputation, and you will notice that they are what all the hipsters and cool kids have them these days. Next time you step into a chic cafe or coffee shop, take a look at all the laptops that everyone’s working on. I’m certain that 90% of them will be Apple Macs! So, to impress your kids, think about getting a fancy pants iPhone!


Lots of people think that one of the most important features of their smartphone is the camera. An excellent camera can help you ace your selfies! The cameras in Samsung and iPhones are almost identical. But there are a few differences like the Samsung camera can focus quicker while the iPhone uses a LED flash.

So, which one will you choose?

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